Posted by: annmucc | November 6, 2008

To go or Not to go…Part 2

Remember this post?

Well, yesterday I spent the day working at home to hopefully go to the concert, since I knew that if I went to university, and came back to eat, I would definitely not go again later for the concert (since the two are quite close). At the end, after a day at home, I decided I was not going, and decided to ping MCA. He was not online :(, so off I went to read a bit. As I get out of bed…ping…ping…someone is online and talking to me…MCA :D.

Soooo glad we caught each other online. He only had around 10mins, but he managed to pysche me into going 🙂 . To be sure I go, I got dressed while talking to him cos I was sure if I let him go before I was ready my inertia would take over again.

On the bus, and arrived at the place (of course, earlier than planned, do to my inherent inability oa arrive on time [and not early!!!] at things like these). As soon as I saw the place, I started getting doubts again – do I go in or not? Well…I paid 90p for the bus, and would have to pay 90p for the way back, so might as well go in (even if that meant paying £6, but at least would have gotten something out of it :P). As soon as I entered and paid, I found myself in a relatively small place, with everyone talking and most people seeming to know each other. I started doubting if I had made the right decision, and decided to go back out for a walk and return a while later, when hopefully more people would be there. Returned some five minutes later. After a while I realised that the music was playing in the next room, so off I went, to a room with a theatre stage and a few people lounging around.

First badn…Elviin…he says on his Myspace website something about involuntary tapping of the feet…and I must tell you its true! There were only a few people around to hear them, but I was certainly not disappointed to be one of them.

From them on it only got better I think! After his 30minute set, an all-male/female lead singer group called pageboy got on. At first I was slightly put on with the show and affectations (if that is a word?) of the lead singer, but the music was good, so should’t really be complaining (A).

After their 30minute set, the last of the 30 minute sets was up, with Nicholas John, an electoracoustic group. Wow – his first song…was immediately mesmerised and struck by his voice. I must say he knows how to grab your attention from the beginning. He’s this big guy (in terms of height!), joined with 2 guys on synth, a drummer and I think a bass guitarists (don’t really remember though :-/).

Next was Meme Love, the girl who got me onto her guest list (woohooo). It wasn’t her playing the ‘cello, but a guy in the band, together with a girl on synth, and guys on an acoustic guitar, a bass guitar, and drums. This was also her birthday gig, so by now the place was quite full…comfortably full, not overcrowded too – a cosy, pleasant atmosphere. They played a selection of songs for around one hour. For one song, it was only her, the ‘cellist and the synth player – she said this was the first time she played the song in public, though she wrote it a long time ago, cos it is very emotional for her – WOW! I was impressed – she should play it more :P.

At last! Teitur. By now, I had moved towards the front of the room, from staying at the back for the first few acts…first drawn by the ‘cellist, and now staying there to watch Teitur. While Meme Love where removing their stuff and Teitur was busy setting up, you could see a shift in people – with Meme Love’s people moving back, and people who really came to watch Teitur moving eagerly to the front. I started chatting to this guy next to me – he was really looking forwarded to listening to Teitur, having heard him play before. He also seems to be a fan of Scandinavian music (though he’s English), actually flying to New York this week to see Inne Brunne and someone or other Tobias (not sure how to spell that) play (he’s much older, and has the money I guess :P). But it was good to have a jolly chat with someone (and have something to make MCA jealous about later :P:P).

Surprisingly, Teiture comes across as this very shy, awkward guy on stage, which makes him oh so endearing, adorable and cute I must say O: ). He played some songs form his older album, and mostly from his new one. He said that his new album shoul come out in the UK in February, but both me and the guy next to me already have the album! Both had also heard that yesterday was the also the launch of the CD in London. Well – as long as we have it we are happy :D.

And best of all? As an encore he played ‘I was Just Thinking‘.

Well…I was really happy I managed to kick myself up the ass and make myself to this concert. Even being alone, I still really enjoyed it – after all, it is music – you have to listen and appreciate, and absorb the atmosphere. Stupid me, I forgot to take tha camera though! I charged the batteries just for this reason, but on the bus I realised it had slipped my mind.

And another good thing? (at the risk of sounding VERY geeky :P) it ended at around 11:30pm, so could still get to my lovely bed for a good night’s sleep 😀

So thanks MCA for telling me about it, and for everyone who helped kick me up my ass to go!

PS…Back to my never-ending posts I see…but this concert deserved more than this I am sure!

PSS…It is Ane Brun plus Tobias Froberg playing in NY, who the guy is going to watch…just looked it up



  1. hihi…I love the at the risk of sounding VERY geeky :P) it ended at around 11:30pm, so could still get to my lovely bed for a good night’s sleep

    as u can imagine I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND

  2. @ Cec: glad you agree 😉

  3. Glad you enjoyed it and soo wish I had been there with you ❤

  4. @ MCA: thanks for getting me pysched into going, and it would have been vewy nice if you where there

  5. yey!
    sounds fun!
    and ooh 11.30!? how adventurously late 😛

  6. @ Mina: It WAS fun; even though I went on my own (a girl who was coming with me couldn’t come), it was cool 😀
    Hehe – Don’t make fun of me :P. I said nothing about being adventurous 😛

  7. Teitur is good friends with Ane Brun and Tobias Froberg. He did a duet with Ane on her album called “Rubber and Soul” – there’s a video on YouTube if you want to hear it. Also, Teitur played on Tobias’ new album out this year.

  8. @ Dianne: Thanks for the information! I am still learning about Scandinavian music, but so far I like what I hear ;). And thanks for visiting my blog!

  9. […] By annmucc Last year I spent the 5th of November watching Teitur (just looked up what I had posted around then now). That was a good show! That was a great show. […]

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