Posted by: annmucc | November 9, 2008

A Treat

Have just returned my aching body (yes, it is still aching! actually worse than yesterday!) home…but why was I out if I can barely move?

Well, Ruth’s mum is visiting London, and yesterday Ruth told me that her mum wants to treat us to dinner today. ‘Sure’ I said ‘I will join’. So this evening saw Ruth, her mum and I making our way to Covent Garden to this North African Restaurant, Carthage, which they have been to before.

Mmmm…great food! For starters we got hummus, tzatziki, dolma, and a red grainy sauce which I don’t know the name of. These were served with this delicious warm bread. We (or at least I) certainly wanted to keep on eating, but I knew that then I would not have any space for the rest of the delicious food which was still to come.

Next was the main course. I had lamb couscous (mmm…lamb! possibly one of my favourite meats πŸ™‚ – haven’t had it yet in London, so it was a treat), while Ruth had lamb tagine, and her mum had calamari. Another great set of dishes.

Last but not least there was the dessert…Ruth had lemon meringue tart, I had apple pie (of course, people who know me would probably say), and Ruth’s mum had baklava.

All in all, a great dinner with good conversation flowing. We also figured out that my mum and Ruth’s mum know each other from their university days! What a coincidence, though it continues to reinforce the tiny size of Malta.

Thanks Mamo’s πŸ™‚ It was a great treat! Certainly worth it to spend time with you, even if it meant that I had to ease my body into movement every time I sat down or stopped moving πŸ™‚



  1. qabbadtni l guh missy avolja qas naf x jahbtu l affarijiet li semmejt and i really dont like lamb xD xxxxxxxx

  2. @ Marilyn – hehe – It WAS good I must say O: )

  3. Welcome =) It was a lovely evening!

  4. @ Ruthie: πŸ˜€ – BTW – Mum qaltli inselli ghal ommok πŸ˜€ Tiftakar min hi πŸ˜‰

  5. […] parents there and a friend of the family (I knew the parents were visiting). I had already met her mum, but had never met her dad. So I stayed around for some chit-chat, got to know that her dad knows […]

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