Posted by: annmucc | November 9, 2008

Washing Shock

Since I am going abroad next week, I decided that I desperately need to wash my clothes today rather than tomorrow, to have everything ready by Tuesday evening. So off I went early morning with most of my clothes in bags down to the washing room. I put the clothes in and returned to my room. I guess the wash would take around 1-1.5hrs, so after around 1.25hrs, down I went to go collect my washing…I look into the washing machine where I placed my clothes, and I see…

Light blue clothes and under wear…but I didn’t have anything light blue! Yes, I do put everything into one wash, but I don’t have anything wish hasn’t been washed before (as far as I know :-/), so what could have happened…hmm…closer look…these clothes in the wahing machine are not mine…Look around

phew…my wash must have finished and someone placed my clothes in the dryer so they could make their own wash. No problem for me…and my clothes are still normal colours :D. So I’m a happy girl.

Now I have my room looking like a ‘gabbana tal-monti’ for anyone Maltese out there…with clothes strewn all over hanging down from everything to try and get the clothes to dry :). I know this is probably not how the English people do it, but I am Maltese, and I expect my clothes to dry in the air and not in a dryer or something!



  1. I know just how you feel, atm we have socks hanging from every possible place, it looks really nice actually 🙂

  2. @ Lulu: hehe – so it is not just me :). The room looks and smells clean at least 😉

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