Posted by: annmucc | November 10, 2008

Passport Matters

A few weeks after I arrived here, I realised that my passport was lost…It was in my bag one day and gone the next.

I had reported it to the High Commission here in London, but was then told I also need to make a polic report. A few days later, I went to the nearby police station, but they told me that I would need to get a signed copy of my passport details from the High Commission. Hmm…OK…I would I said…but so far I had never gone to get that paper, since it meant I had to set time to do it during the week.

Today, I was not getting much work done, so decided to just go and get it. At the High Commission I was quite impressed by the service. I was courteously greeted and told to wait. After some time, I got in to who I had to talk to to get this paper. He told me that generally you can just do the report immediately, and only around 2% would ask for this. Oh well. He happily did it to me, in the middle of a lot of good-natured chatting and talking with me, so it was good. From there I then went on to the police station close to the High Commission…

Hmm…I arrive there…no one at reception…hmm…what if this was a serious crime or something? Well, not much to do but to wait. After quite a bit of time, a police officer returns, and asks what i need. I told him I lost my passport, and he got out the police report book to write it down! Hmm…he didn’t ask me for police details…I guess I went to the wrong police station first time round, cos if I had gone there, it would have been more than over and done with by now.

At first the police officer seemed a bit unfriendly. He asked me what passport I had, and I said Maltese, and he gave me the most incredulous look ever.

I said ‘Emm…from Malta’.

He said…’Yeah I know’.

I said ‘Ok. Not everyone seems to know that here’.

He said ‘Well, I had a Maltese boy in my class at school, and I have never met another Maltese person since.’

I said ‘Hmm, there are quite a lot running around I tell you!’

He said ‘I don’t believe that’

Well, from then we kept on a good banter talking about what I am doing in London and other matters. He seemed quite surprised that one could actually do a PhD on the degradation of photographs, but oh well, that is what I am doing.

His face turned incredulous again when I gave him the police report filled in (the parts I had to fill in). He saw my name and said ‘Nooo….you’re not Fenech [perfect pronounciation of the name]. The boy in my class was Fenech! Is your brother’s name Luke?’

I said ‘Emmm…I just mvoed to London, and my brother’s name is not Luke’.

Oh well, so it seems that there is some Luke Fenech running around somewhere who as far as I know is not related to me :).

From there it was back home

Oh! I forgot something else…Did I tell you it was raining today? Yeah, and of course, on this one day I didn’t have my umbrella with me. So I ended up like this nice wet chicken, dripping through, with wet feet and everything by the time I got to Kensington. Seeing as I was already as wet as I could be, I decided to go to the public library to pick up some books about Slovenia, and returned home, wehre i had lunch, and a good sleep to get warm. MMM

Passport Lost

Passport Lost



  1. how sweet!
    this made me laugh.
    hope the passport buisness isn’t too serious and you get one soon!

    can’t believe the english are such an incredulous people.

  2. @ Mina: Hehe – glad to have a happy Mina at home :). The passport business is serious in that it is lost (never too good :P), and that I have to pay some 70€ to get a new one and some other 10-15€ to take the oath that I lost it :|. At least I can travel with my ID card, which means I can do the passport in Malta (in the UK it would have been even more expensive!). Oh well!

  3. i am very happy that you reply to nearly every comment, i think it is why i keep visiting,
    pity about passport, but oh well must be done ey? who knows mayeb next time you’ll be invited to the phillipines!

  4. @ Mina: Hehe – I hope to reply to EVERY comment, but I guess sometimes I skip some. And DO keep visiting 😀 I look forward to your comments :D:D:D
    WE’ll se about the passport – will have to order a new one in Malta. So far it has been good that I have only travelled to EU places since I lost it, so I can travel around with a good old ID card.

  5. haha – I wish I could have been in the room when you said ‘Hmm, there are quite a lot running around I tell you!’. I love your stories of encounters with the English 🙂

  6. @ MCA: glad to entertain O: )

  7. […] most important thing I had to do was to go and apply for a new passport, since I had lost the old one. I got to do that around noon, and my new passport should be ready next Wednesday, in […]

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