Posted by: annmucc | November 11, 2008

Slovenia…here I come!

Tomorrow morning (EARLY morning) will see me leaving London for the beautiful city of Ljubljana. Luggage is nearly packed now (rest will not take me long, as anyone who has seen me pack will undoubtedly tell you about my supreme packing skills and speed ;)).

In a way I cannot wait to get there, but am also a bit apprehensive…This will be the first time I am attending something where I am not just a student or a youth at a thing geared for younger people…I will be there together with people who work in the area, and some of the best names in cultural heritage (amongst them my supervisor :P). So I hope I manage to get to know the people without making a complete ass out of myself or saying stuff which I shouldn’t (which of course I have a tendency of doing :))

Another dilemma I have is about tomorrow night…There is the closing dinner for the conference. Now, since I did not attend the conference, I am of course not directly invited. However, today while I was at the TNA this girl got to know I am going to be there, and she insisted I go to the dinner instead of her, since she paid for the conference but in the end couldn’t make it (she will only be going down on Friday to give a presentation for the workshop). She and the conservation research manager at the TNA both told me I should go, and that it is perfectly acceptable to do that, but I would certainly feel uncomfortable just barging in. I know it would be a good opportunity for networking, but at the same time, I don’t want to just go, especially since my supervisor is one of the coordinators and I don’t want any problems to arise. Will see how it goes tomorrow!




  1. u go ajma!
    what an oppurtunity!

  2. @ Mina: even if it means barging in where I am not supposed to go? Cos essentially, I don’t have an invite…

  3. oh but if others told you to go…. because thats how I took it :)… I’ve never been one for crashing parties, or dinners or whatever

  4. @ Mina: Yeah – the girl did tell me to go instead of her, but I don’t know if I can (though the people at TNA said that it is perfectly acceptable)

  5. Yes! you should go. Simple as that 😛

  6. @ everyone: I did go…check out my later posts!

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