Posted by: annmucc | November 12, 2008


This morning, bright and early (not really bright – it was pitch dark!) I walk up with a start – the alarm! – 5am! I need to catch the bus at 5:30am! Rushing to get dressed, finish packing etc etc, and off I was.

Arrived at the airport half asleep. Got onto the airplane half asleep…luckily had no problems with my ID card, though as usual, some people gave it a few incomprehensible glances before allowing me through.

On the plane, after a short sleep food came! Having travelled on low cost airlines mainly in the past year, I have been accustomed to no frills. But here I got a bun, with different options for fillings, a croissant, and THE most delicious eclairs ever ): ). I must admit they were delicious! I also had a strong coffee so I was decently awake after that and had a chat with the family next to me (they were Slovakian, returning from a holiday in Barbaods, with this very cute kid :)).

Landing in Slovenia…very tiny airport – even smaller than Malta! But it took sooo long to get the bags. At least however I just managed to get the 1pm bus to the centre. From the bus stop I walked it to the hotel (wow – haven’t been in a hotel like forever! – I have a double room all to myself! How cool is that? πŸ˜‰ – the low budget girl is speaking – this time round everything is paid πŸ™‚ – but even though 2 star, I am happy :D).

At the hotel, I just dumped my stuff in the room and went off to the hotel where the conference is taking place, just a few hundred metres away. Technically I am not registered for the conference, but when I got there I asked a girl I saw there who was in the organising team if I could have a look at the psoters. She said sure! But first you have to eat she said…hmm…I am not here for the conference I said…Doesn’t matter – she walked me to the dining room and said here – just eat – the time for lunch is coming to an end, but just have something to eat. Sure I said – and grabbed a quick lunch. From there I looked at the posters, and then asked the same girl if I can get in to the conferenc e- sure – just stay at the back :). So in I went to listen – It was the concluding remarks, so not the most interesting, but at least I was seen, and in fact, this evening at the hotel a guy has already recognised me from there and talked to me! WOW!

After the conference ended, I went to thank the girl, and she immediately gave me a ticket for the dinner tonight saying: Here – take this – don’t tell the other workshop people, but me and this other girl next to her are inviting you :). Hehe – I got invited anyways! Just to be sure I cleared my going with the head of the centre where I study since I met her, and she said OF COURSE! You have to go…you have appropriate clothes?…I have a suit…OK. Make up? I have some. And also heels :). She said so what more do you want? See you tonight!

Right now I am all dressed in the lobby of the hotel typing away on my laptop (no connection in my room – oh well!).

Soon I’ll be off – and will surely tell you about it!



  1. I don’t know how you do it!
    your charisma must be shotuing out to people and telling them to invite you to places, and conferences and dinners!
    you’re so cool.


    It seems that people love u…:D

  3. You excel at the art of mingling and charming people πŸ™‚ Wish I was there with you ❀

  4. Just a note re map…poor poor Malta cannot be seen cos of d big dot 😦 OHHHHHHHHHHH

  5. Enjoy your stay! And how in the world do you manage, seriously??

  6. @ Mina/Cec/Michael/Lulu: hehe – I was surprised too πŸ˜€
    @ Michael: So maybe I should mingle with more people and get to know other guys O: ) :P:P:P
    @ Cecilia: Yeah I know – it has been like that for ages! Even the Uk is practically covered – thanks to everyone who visits πŸ˜€ Getting hit numbers skyrocketing right now – not really sure why

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