Posted by: annmucc | November 14, 2008

Slovenia…Day 1

Today I woke up early and decided to come to the breakfast room to use the internet (wifi doesn’t extend to my room it seems :-/) and get in a bit of breakfast, and of course to update you all!

Well, actually yesterday was not day 1, but you get the drift I hope πŸ™‚

But let’s start with the dinner on Wednesday night…I am so glad I went (and didn’t need to push myself to go, but the ticket just fell in my hands…twice). The dinner was in Ljubljana castle, to which we went up by funicular. This meant we rose up above the city, which was quite engulfed with mist, seeing it from above…Great view :). At the top we were met my the two workshop coordinators (one of which is my supervisor ;)) dressed in traditional Slovenian clothes…Everyone was getting a picture with them, including me…so now I have something to ‘blackmail’ him with when I need to πŸ˜› (his words not mine!) Hehe! Inside then we heard an very good a capella group singing traditional Slovenian songs from Slovenia’s different regions, after which a singer/pianist took the stage while we ate. What I mostly liked about the whole thing I think is that the programme was varied, with short sections (eg. the a capella group sang for around 15 minutes, enough to really appreciate them, but not too much as to get bored…in fact everyone stopped to listen).

However I think the most important thing of the whole night was the networking…I got to meet my supervisor’s students in Slovenia, the girl who is coming to London from January as a research assistant, and got introduced to a lot of people who work with my supervisor (and others)…contacts and networks are very important, especially in a small academic community, as resources are limited and everyone has to work together, using the other’s expertise. After the dinner I then went for a drink with my supervisor’s other PhD student in London and some of the people he knew (was dead tired, but it is good to get to know the people and talk even informally).

Arrived at the hotel (I am sleeping in a double room in a hotel – how cool is that [note my inexperience at living at these places, with me generally staying at people’s houses/hostels – so it is good :P]). I was thinking of falling straight to sleep, but it seems like there is a bar or something just opposite, and my room is on the ground floor, so there was a lot of drinking, drunken talk etc etc – not much sleep I tell you!

‘Woke up’ in the morning, went off to breakfast, and then ran on to the university where yesterday’s workshop was to be held. I was at the workshop on GC/MS of organic material in cultural heritage – good workshop even if I don’t think the technique is exactly appropriate for me – but ruling out something is just as good as ruling something in I guess :). Of course – meeting new people, and hearing other people speak – you get to learn a lot!

The workshop ran from around 8:30am to 6pm, so was quite tired, but the other PhD student from London invited me to go and see the lab in Slovenia right (right now he is for 3 weeks in Slovenia using the equipment there). It was also good to discuss some ideas with him and have his help. From there, we went out for a drink (with him and some other people) – meeting people and informal tlaking is very good for this you know πŸ™‚

Arrived home around midnight (was dead tired) and dropped into bed.

This morning it is off to the second workshop today. Off I go! Will update you soon (probably tomorrow evening, since I am flying back tomorrow morning)



  1. Is the other PhD student cute :P:P?

  2. by the way cn’t u put up d photo of ur superviser on d blog PLS πŸ˜€

  3. @ Cec: he is married πŸ˜› and I dont have the photo πŸ˜€

  4. Haha too bad (for both)

  5. @ Cec: Not sure MCA would agrre for the first πŸ˜› (WOULD YOU???)

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