Posted by: annmucc | November 15, 2008

Slovenia…Day 2

Day 2 in Slovenia meant the second of the two workshops that I was going to attend, this time about NIR/Chemometrics in Cultural Heritage. NIR/Chemometrics are techniques which will probably be quite prominent in my work, but if I have had no experience with (unless you consider the reading I have been doing :P).

I must say that it was a very good experience – hearing about how other people used the techniques made me realise exactly what the techniques are capable of (and NOT capable of!) and thus to be able to select the right questions I have to ask in devising the project. Hopefully this means that I can move forward.

During the workshop, my supervisor sat next to me for a while and invited me to a dinner after the workshop finished – sure – he marked the place on a map (Abecedarium) and told me to be there :). The map wasn’t really needed, since I went there with the other students. It was a meal as a thank you to his students (and those of Jana Kolar) for help in organising the conference…hmm…I didn’t help in organising anything – THEY organised everything for ME! Oh well – I was invited since I am now sort of part of his group of students (and there was on other girl there who said she also did nothing since I think she is a bachelor student). It was good food I must say – I had sirovi struklji 😀 (and YES – I learned to say it – or actually it seems to have to be said how I said it first O: )). I had the non-soup version (I was told that different people eat it either in a soup or not in a soup). Glad I took the advice of Tanja sitting next to me :).

Sirovi Struklji - Slovene Cottage Cheese Dumplings

Sirovi Struklji - Slovene Cottage Cheese Dumplings

After the dinner, everyone was very tired (seeing as they all had been organising the conference for weeks, and had been very busy the past weeks as the conference was going on). So off home we went, where I stayed chatting (wipppeee – got a network cable, so could connect to the internet in my room!), for maybe a bit too long! Early day today!



  1. Glad you took the time to stay up chatting tho 🙂

    Sounds like a pretty successful first conference.

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