Posted by: annmucc | November 18, 2008

Directions to a Healthy Living

MCA directed me to here, from where I was directed to here and then here. Through my skills as a researcher ( 😉 *gag*) I magicked up the whole article that was being referred to (contact me if you’re interested in reading the article and your skills do not extend to my expertise :P)

It seems like being Maltese counts for something – and possibly living between Malta and Denmark (with maybe some years in France and/or Italy where they do some good work on cultural heritage research) will give me the longest life with the healthiest years 😉

Think about THAT – me being around for longer :p



  1. Hehe, well if the stats say so then thats how it will be done. I could do living in Denmark and Malta with stopovers in France and Italy 🙂

  2. @ MCA: O:)

  3. Ann…how about you going to Estonia 😛

  4. @ Cec: sure 😛

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