Posted by: annmucc | November 19, 2008

Maltese in da House…2

One week ago I blogged about meeting the Maltese people at my residence…

Well, today I met another Maltese person on the streets around UCL…

As part of my studies, since my tuition fees are paid by a scholarship from the research councils here in the UK, I need to take a number of credits of ‘skills development’ programmes (20 credits where 1 credit = 1 half day). One of the programmes my supervisor suggested was one on Copyright and Intellectual Property. Will not tell you much about that (it was boring, but good to know I guess). However…

As I was making my way back to my office from the lecture room where the talk was held, as I was waiting for the traffic lights to turn to green, I heard a familiar accent…Hmm…who is this? …It’s the person right in front of me!

I ask…’Are you Maltese?’

He says ‘Ehh, Yes?’

Hehe – from there we started talking – he is here doing a master course in engineering. I knew he was studying at UCL because the other Maltese guy I know studying at UCL had told me about him. So off it was, us chattering away in Maltese πŸ™‚

Moral of the story? double HA! to the policeman πŸ˜‰



  1. yeyness… The Maltese shall conquer the world! One by one!

  2. @ Mina: MUHAHAHAHAHA!

  3. I also have to get 20 credits and it is bloody hard, 4-5 hours to get a single credit in a really boring subject that could usually be explained in a few minutes… by the way, I am just attending one of those.. how bored am I?

  4. @ Pipa: Hmm…here yesterday I got 1 credit for 1.5hrs…It doesn’t seem to be that difficult here…eg. for the workshops I went to last weekend, I should be getting 4 credits if I write them down…

  5. 😐 its official … consipiracy to take over the World by MAltesers in london ….. when is next meeting sister? :S…ucl rocks!!

  6. @ AAT: haha – GOOO Malta, GOOO UCL πŸ˜›

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