Posted by: annmucc | November 20, 2008

Lectures, Keys and Supervisors

Morning job? Colelcting keys from MCA’s cousin. Why? Well, MCA is visiting from tomorrow (:D) but his cousin left town today to go back to Denmark, so I had to collect the key of his flat so MCA could sleep there.

Afternoon job? Wasting time! I think :-/ I couldn’t get much work done, after I finished what I was doing yesterday – I didn’t seem to be in the mood at all. After a while, I decided to go drop some books off at the library, and then make my way to my supervisor’s office cos I wanted to talk to him about some stuff…as soon as I arrive there? He tells me – ahhh! I just tried to call you! Hehe – great mind’s think alike. So we scheduled a short meeting for later in the afternoon.

Meeting with supervisor: It was good. I realised that we seem to both be thinking on the same lines, and I got clearer ideas of what the project will look like

Evening: The second of the guest lectures of the Centre for Sustainable heritage. Today it was about ‘Green Walls’ (To MCA’s amusement :P), and the presenter spoke about biological conservation in the context of heritage sites. Good explanation and good overview of her work. As with last time, I was again fascinated by the people from different background there – companies, government departments, museums etc etc. This always means that you get very interesting discussions going on, which is very good for me to be there, listening to them, and of course learning.

And guess what? TRIPLE HA! to the policeman now…there was another Maltese girl there, who came there as the topic was related to her job here in London, so two people from her company came to listen. She asked a question, and as soon as she said her name, me and the head of my centre (who is also Maltese) immediately looked at each other and smiled. Hehe – We’re taking over the world! MUHAHAAHAHAHA

Some bad news from today? My supervisor scheduled a meeting tomorrow at 10am, so I cannot go and meet MCA at the bus stop 😐 He will have to make his way to university probably on his own. Sorry! :S



  1. Hehe Ann…bdw do you know today was graduation mass??…insomma I am just back from mass/goign out for a drink/sthg to eat afterwards…had great fun…everyone said hi…u iwa at leas teveryone who was there hihi…we were abt 20 ppl…so from a course of 34 it was a gd no I think considering the ppl abroad etc etc…insoma say hi to MCA…& enjoy ur time with him…bdw when should you go to Bratislava?

  2. @ Cec: Hehe – I knew 🙂 But forgot to tell you to say hi (A). IF I go it will be end of January or so

  3. ghaddejja hajja int eh! iddur id dinja!!! :p xxx

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