Posted by: annmucc | November 24, 2008

Weekend Happenings

My sister gave me an ultimatum that either there’s a blog posted by tonight or else…

So, scared for my life (and forever scarred by her threats), here it goes…


As I said in my last post, MCA was coming to visit (yeay!). However, before I could enjoy his company, there was the ‘little’ matter of a meeting with my supervisor to figure out. So at 10am I went up to meet my supervisor, when we decided to come down to the little meeting room in the office I am located in to discuss what we had to discuss there. I had arranged for another girl in the office to go down to meet MCA and get him to the office. So halfway through a very good meeting (I got a much clearer picture of what I will be doing now, and understand more how my supervisor works, which luckily seems to be quite similar to my way of thinking – he actually drew me a flowchart of the steps of the project! WOW 🙂 I had been meaning to draw one, but was waiting for this meeting to clarify some issues, but now it is all done) I saw MCAs head poking up and looking in through the window…hmm…for a while I got distracted there, and I have no idea what I agreed to…let’s hope it was not something essential and fundamental :-/

After the meeting MCA and my supervisor met (seeing as they were in the same room, it was a bit difficult not to :P), and from there we went on to his cousin’s room where he would be staying. Then, in the afternoon we made our way to Oxford Street, where I showed MCA what I was thinking of buying and started my Christmas shopping. The trip also served for both of us to pick at each other’s mind to see what kind of things we want for Christmas (there is a wishlist, but we were fishing for more details now :P). From Oxford Street we then made our way to my residence, where we cooked pasta.


‘Early morning’ (being used with poetic license here :P) MCA and I made it to Portobello Market. Although it is very close to my residence, I had never been there before, so I found this as my excuse for going. I really liked the place and the atmosphere (so Ruth, we have to plan a trip sometime :P). I also continued a bit of Christmas shopping (I am ACTUALLY buying gifts this year [though don’t anyone expect anything…if you read this blog, the gifts are probably not for you :P]).

The plan for the afternoon was to go to the Science Museum. However, Jamie, a friend of MCAs from Prague who returned back to London recently – I had gone to his and his wife’s farewell party in Prague in Septmeber – was playing in a pub. He was up for meeting for grabbing something to eat before that, so instead of going to the Science Museum, we went off to Camden where he was playing, to first check out bikes and then meet him. I did see a bike I liked and felt comfortable on, but it was just over my price range, so I decided to skip it. We met him at The Cobden Arms, where I got my first(?) taste of Thai food. I must say I wasn’t overly impressed by my noodles, but MCA’s green curry was very delicious (from what I could taste from my stolen spoonfuls).

After that (and a lot of talking and chattering :P) Jamie took us on a trip around Camden. I was enthralled by the place…it would be a great place to live in, especially since I would be able to practically walk it to my university. I should keep it in mind for next year! We finished our trek around Camden at the pub where Jamie was playing…we arrived there…it was empty…hmm…’we’ (I include myself into that very lightly) played a bit of pool till it was time for Jamie and some others to start playing. Slowly slowly the pub started filling up. I felt that it had a nice atmosphere for sitting and talking with some good Irish playing in the background and no jostling for space or shouting to be heard. After a while, Jamie’s wife came over and we could talk for a while. This brought an end to the day.


Well, MCA was very keen on going to the Science Museum, which we had skipped the day before, so this day we had to make sure we did get there. However, before that, since the bus we could take dropped us just across the street from Harrods we HAD to go there (A) (don’t you agree?). We arrived before the store opened though, so we popped into a cafe opposite for a hot drink (it was freezing and raining!). Next to us sat a Danish family, with the girl’s Syrian(?) boyfriend. I made MCA cringe a bit and squirm, but all in all it turned out well.

In Harrods of course we did not afford much, so we just browsed around the place before making our way to the Science Museum, stopping at a few shops on the way to keep on getting more ideas for gifts :). By the time we got to the Science Museum however I was quite tired (it was siesta time :P), but tried to make myself be the dutiful gf and go through it (even though I had already been). Not sure how successful I was :-/. On from the science museum we walked to my residence, where we cooked pizza (mmm) and spent the evening lazing around, while watching a bit of Friends (yes, Marilyn, I have gotten round to watching them yesterday :P), playing a game of Carcassone (the hard copy for once, rather than the online version – but mum threw away my frames :(:( this breaks my heart!).


This morning saw us getting up early. I went to see him off at the bus stop (his bus left at 6am, but seeing as I didn’t go to pick him up, this was the least I could do). From there I returned to bed for a while, then on to university. Was not the most productive day, but I did a steady stream of work I think.

In the Afternoon I went off to Oxford Street again to hopefully finish another bulk of Christmas presents, but ended up getting nothing. I was also very disappointed 😦 – I saw a tie I really liked for MCA in a window display, but when i asked about it they told me it was the previous year’s style, and they couldn’t give me the one in the window 😦 So maybe MCA will end up with no tie (and no Christmas present? :P)

Back home – waiting for MCA to wake up from his nap now, to hopefully chat a bit

Hope you had a good weekend!



  1. I had a great weekend 🙂 Thanks!

    Hopefully one of these days I will get around to uploading the pictures I took.

  2. 2 comments:

    When saying: if you read this blog, the gifts are probably not for you :P…I hope I am one of the exceptions

    but mum threw away my frames … I don’t think she threw them away…if I saw well yest they are still in your room (I hope that by sending u this info I at least NOW deserve a present)


  3. @ MCA: 😀 – and get to uploading those photos soon (and also blogging about it – pwsss…then I can do a pingback :P)

    @ Cec: 1: Sorry to disappoint you (A)
    2: wippeee for my frames!

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