Posted by: annmucc | November 28, 2008

Office Lunch 2

Remember end of October?

Well, we have decided to try and make this a monthly event for the last Friday of the month or so, so today…last Friday of the month…was the second office lunch.

Last time my brother came over he brought with him some ‘gbejniet’ and gallett…I have eaten one or two of them, gave two to Michael when he visited last weekend, and had one left. So my contribution this time? A gbejna and gallett πŸ˜€ (together with two packets of crisps I had in my cupboard). No prep – hehe πŸ˜‰

Like last time there was a good mix of things, from Vietnamese/Sir Lankan (not sure) potatoes, to Korean noodles, hummus (my gbejniet and gallett :P), to a yoghurt and lemon cake (:D), a very good and juicy pineapple, a melon, and other stuf -mmm.

The other Maltese girl was there as well. We discussed a bit about the differences in cultures: here there were hapy that food practically all finished; in Malta you would only be happy if you have a lot left over and enough to give away πŸ˜› hehe

Anyways – there was enough food, so I guess everyone should be happy πŸ™‚


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