Posted by: annmucc | November 29, 2008

Softball…Off we Go Again

Remeber this post? Well, as I had said there, Stan had asked if I was interesting in playing fastpitch softball with his team. He emailed me at the beginning of this week confirming the date, and giving information about time, place etc etc, so off I went today :).

He had 4 places available in his car, so I said, sure, I’d be interested in one, so this morning saw me making my way to Fulham where he lives. It was pretty easy finding his place, but as always, I was there early, so I went round the block, before seeing another girl going into the building and I guessed it was another player.

We were 3 players in the car, besides him. The drive took quite long (we were to go to Twickenham), mainly due to traffice build-up by people going to watch some England-New Zealand (or something) rugby game, as well as due to Stan taking the wrong turning. No worries.

We got to the hall a bit late, but we didn’t have the first game (though Stan had to umpire it :)). We were 5 in total on the team (hehe)…the 3 of us in the car, who were new to the team, and another 2 (who also play with GB development – the GB under 19/16 teams or so). Hehe – so of course he wanted all the players he could get :P. And of course, we couldn’t play with 5, so for the games we borrowed other players :).

THerewere four teams in total, Us (South East Region – for lack of another name it seems), London Angels, London Monkeys, and not sure what the 3rd team was called (maybe GB development?). First game was against GB dev(?). We lost that one, but not with too bad a score. It was pretty even throughout, up to the last inning, where I messed up :). It was good to be back, but I must say I did mess up a bit (sorry team!). Especially with my batting I think, especially in the beginning, but then for the last game I had to prepare quickly and just grabbed the ‘wrong’ bat…Luckily for me the ‘wrong’ bat was the right one, cos I always got on base that game – WOOHOOO! WE lost the first two games (narrowly I think), but won the last one against the London Angels 3-2 – HIHI

All in all it was a good feeling being back in the game, though not sure about my softball skill (if I ever had any :P). Hehe!


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