Posted by: annmucc | November 30, 2008

A Night Out

I haven’t been out in London much, as in a night out or so. THis is mainly due to my total lack of enthusiasm for travelling the distances involved, and getting prepared and everything. Yesterday Ruth asked me if I would like to join her and two other Maltese friends of hers (who I had already met) in going to a pub or so…Hmm…was my standard reply…I don’t really feel like getting prepared (as always).
The plan was that her two friends come to our residence to have something there and then keep on going out. Well – seeing as Ruth’s room is only 3 floors down, I said sure – I will join you at the residence. At the residence, Ruth had some champagne and some ‘biskuttini tar-rahal’ (mmm), which we munched on till around 11pm, when we had to leave the room since that is the curfew for boys. By this time I was (of course) enjoying myself, so decided to go grab my coat and join them :D.

Biskuttini Tar-Rahal

Biskuttini Tar-Rahal

From the residence, we went to a nearby pub, but it was closing, so on we went to Picadilly Circus to find something there. We didn’t want a club or so where you have to pay for entrance), but just wanted something like a drink. The pubs however were all closing (they close at 11pm??). So we kept on looking for something. Ahhhh! We see a cafe…hmm…but the cafe says that they don’t make hot drinks. hmmm :/. On we go. Then, Jeff, Ruth’s friends got the idea that we should go to this restaurant owned by a Maltese person – Pulcinella. Sure, we said, if we can have something small and not necessarily eat!

We get there, and find a Maltese waiter…I had hot chocolate, Ruth had a side order of chips, Steph had a hot chocolate and a dessert, and Jeff had a pizza. We stayed there, talking between us, talking to the Maltese waiter, and then for a while to the owner who came for a short time, and in general enjoying the conversation.

In spite of my initial reluctance, I am now glad I made the effort to go – Thanks guys :D.



  1. XD glad you enjoyed it!

    And actually they’re not biskuttini tar-rahal but tal-lewz, i’m sure there’s a difference…

  2. @ Ruthie: hmm…mhux se mmerik…ma nafx…hsibthom xorta 😐

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