Posted by: annmucc | December 2, 2008

Reading for a PhD

Today I went for another of the graduate school’s skills development programme courses, this time one on (as the title implies) Reading for a PhD.

The course was not exactly what I was expecting…I was expecting something more about planning and the initial stages of a PhD, but it actually WAS about READING for a PhD, so about how we read, what to read, etc etc. I think I have got speed reading down quite well (A), and also not that bad at managing to get the main points of a paper without reading too much (though I may read too little). The second part then was about writing a literature review. I haven’t as yet really started that, or at least formally, so have been plodding along as I normally do, jotting down notes and doing small documents about different aspects related to the project, so I don’t think that is too bad.

Well, although the content may not have been just what I needed, I still don’t regret going. The main thing about these courses is that you actually get to meet other PhD students, and particulalry this time, most of us were first year students, who are in a similar situation as I am. It is good to talk to them, and hear about what they are doing. Another good thing about today is that for once most of the students seemed to be my age, rather than me being very much younger than them. I appreciated that 🙂

Well…I have much mroe to say about today, but probably not tonight. But decided to just try and do one teeny weeny post for you 🙂 Hope you like it 😉



  1. i did!

  2. @ Mina: 😉

  3. […] where I have to take the equivalent of 10 days (or 20 credits) of lectures besides my PhD (e.g. the Reading for a PhD Course). Well, today I continued on my quest to reach my 20 credit target (or actually 60 over 3 years). […]

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