Posted by: annmucc | December 3, 2008

Bus Mayhem

I have already talked about my relationship with public transport in London before: And WHO is complaining now? and London…Three Weeks On. Well, as time has gone by, my love for London transport has not increased. I marginally rank buses above the tube for the fact that I can see where I am going (and consequently get off when stuck in traffic and walk when wanted), and that they actually get you to where you want, and of course fo their price ;), while seem to abhor the tube for it being voercrowded, any changes you have to make always take AGES, I have been dropped off wherever because of a fault with no help a number of times, etc etc.

Well, a problem with buses, especially those in Oxford Street, is how long it takes them to get ANYWHERE, due to the number of traffice lights, bus stops, etc etc. It’s insane…In Oxford Street I actually walk FASTER than the bus, and I am not joking! I never wait on a bus stop, but always walk to the next there, because I can be absolutely sure no bus will pass me in the meantime! It is insane!

Well, yesterday as I was walking down Tottenham Court Road to Oxford Street for my bus, all of a sudden I find a whole comotion…Tottenham Court Road cross roads with Oxford Street was cordoned off, with firemen and police all around. Hmmm…OK…there will be some delays I guess. I had to go buy something for my sister’s boyfriend, so started walking down Oxford Street for that, hoping that by the time I am done it would be all right. I finished my errand, but no movemenet in sight it seems. So off I went, continuing to walk down Oxford Street…still nothing…Reached Marble Arch…still nothing, down Parklane…nothing, across to Hyde Park Corner…as soon as I get to the bus stop, I see my bus coming. Great…on I get.

Talking to some passengers it seemed like this was the first bus 10 (which is the one I get) which passed from Oxford Street, so it seems like I did good to walk, as I would not have arrived faster. Also, by walking to Hyde Park Corner, it meant that I could catch other buses if bus no.10 never came. I also had the time to do some window shopping, which is good šŸ™‚

The cause of all the problems? A power failure in Tottenham Court Road Tube Station.

I could have gotten the tube, but then would you have gotten this post?



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