Posted by: annmucc | December 4, 2008

Dinner Date

Last night I had a dinner date 😉

I went in to university early so that I could return back home on time, but of course with the bus problems, I ended up arriving late at the residence, with just ten minutes to spare!

The dinner date was me, Ruth, and two other Maltese here: Fr. Louis Caruana, who is the head of the master course Ruth is following, and Brother Josef, another Maltese soon to be Jesuit. I have known Brother Josef for some time now, even while in Malta, and we get on decently well, particularly since we can always get to talking about cultural heritage, him being also an archaeologist. However, I had only met Fr. Louis once.

We went to a nearby Italian restuarant, where we had pizza (mmm). I think the restaurant had a good atmosphere, and there was some good conversation flowing, making it a very pleasant evening. We talked about anything and everything, from life in London and our impressions on the universities and student life here, to the status of cultural heritage and related research in Malta and the Maltese language. I enjoyed the stimulating discussion going on, even in areas where I do not know much, because it is only like that that I can learn.

So good atmosphere, nice people, good conversation. What more could I have asked for?


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