Posted by: annmucc | December 6, 2008

Friends, Valletta Waterfront, Driving and Whatnot

Last night I managed to do half of one of the items on the wishlist…Didn’t get to see the Christmas lights, but last night I went to Valletta Waterfront for some wine with my friends – it was Marilyn, Christabelle, Mark Bezzina, Alex F., Ian, Cecilia, Bernard, and of course ME.Wine and friends, in a cozy place – what more could I ask for? 🙂 Spent the time catching up and in general tlaking about this that and the other.

Valletta Waterfront at Night

Valletta Waterfront at Night

I also got to drive to Valletta and back – woohooo! Of course, in London I do not have a car, so I haven’t driven in around 3 months. I was a bit apprehensive at being behind the wheel again, but so far so good – no serious mishaps! I drove first on Thursday when I was with Cecilia from University to Zurrieq, our home town. Then I drove a bit to run errands around my village, and yesterday to Valletta and back. Today no driving, since we will be leaving it all up to Cecilia O:).

Tonight is the night of the graduation ball! It is 40€ (AAAAAA), but it will surely be nice to meet up with friends and have a good time! Luckily since Cecilia is driving, I may have a bit more fun (A). Thanks sis!

Well, I need to start getting ready…will post tomorrow (Hopefully) to tell you how it’s been.

Also tomorrow my aunts have said that they will cook ravjul for me…mmmmmm! Can’t wait!



  1. you seem to be having fun!
    hope you enjoyed the ball!

  2. […] I said two days ago, yesterday’s lunch was of ravjul…MMMM! My aunts make the best ravjul ever, filled with […]

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