Posted by: annmucc | December 7, 2008

Grad Ball

Yesterday was the day of the Graduation Ball! This year, for the first time, most faculties joined up and organised one graduation ball together (besides law it seems, but who really cares then? O:)). That meant that many of the people graduating this year where there, meaning I got to meet loads of people!

First came the preparations…The ball had a black and gold theme…hmmm…what will I wear? I had a shiny black and yellow top and black thin-pinstriped trousers from Renette’s wedding. I decided that that outfit will do…after all no one will turn me away for not having gold, if I paid? Glad I wore that, cos then there there were also a girl in a turqouise dress! and guys with red ties etc etc. Aso, in the dimmed light the top looked quite goldish 😛 So there you go!

There was also hair…Thanks Paula for being my hairdresser yet again…and no…this time I didn’t go for a walk, or trianing, or whatever after you did my hair (A). From there, we returned home, got dressed, and waited for Bernard (Cecilia’s bf), and Marco (a friend) to arrive home for us to be off. Ahh – make-up…Cecilia did my make-up – woohooo – so no need to worry about that, and I got some lessons on make-up, including eye-liner usage, which I used to use, but have gotten scared all over again!

We arrived at the ball location (for ONCE, the venue was close to our house [as in, around a 10minute drive or so, but that is close since it was in the south rather than in the north!), and after a while Marilyn and Christabelle arrived. Christabelle was the girl from whom I bought the ticket, and as yet I hadn’t paid her as she had been always telling me pay me later etc etc. Before we went in, however, Marilyn and Christabelle came and gave me a card, saying belated happy birthday…I said cool…and opened it, and in it there was the ball ticket…WOW! They really hit the nail on its head of what I needed. I haven’t thanked everyone as yet, but the card is still in the car, so will post their names and thanks later on…but thanks guys! My bank account is also singing Hallelujah ;).

Into the venue…The girls got a corsage, and everyone got a cigar (hmmm….we’ll see what I’ll do with THAT!). The place was beautifully decorated. Also, as people started filling up the place, at no point did it become overcrowded…I really appreciated that! There was enough space but not too much space. The main problem however was that the palce was very humid, so of course my hair went ‘pufff’ (sorry Paula!…but not my fault this time!). I liked the location though.

Since it was open-bar, I was expecting to see loads of people lying around being sick around the venue. However, I was impressed that this didn’t happen…at least there was no one stinking up inside….really glad for that! Of course, there was the first-aid services around, and also an ambulance, but I don’t think they were used. It was the most civilised open bar thing I have been to I think. There was also some food passing around, which in general was good, and kept on coming out for quite a long epriod, but the variety wasn’t all that big!

Another thing there was was a free photo for everyone who bought a ticket and had registered on the ball website beforehand. I had of course applied for it, so in we went to the set-up ‘photographic booths’ to take a couple of photos from which to chose one free (and can pay for the others if you are so inclined :)). I took photos alone, with Cecilia, with Cecilia and Bernard, and with my friends 🙂 We’ll see what I’ll chose when they are out I guess!

And of course, I couldn’t let this opportunity to pass me by for more colour photographs ;). SO off I went to find the owner of the photographic labs there, to ask her if it would be possible to give me any photographs…She told me to email ehr later on telling her I talked to her…of course I wasn’t expecting a reply then, but at least I have made the contact (and YES, I never stop thinking about those ^*”*! photographs 🙂

Well, we sent the night ‘talking’, dancing, and commenting…good times I must say, especially since I haven’t seen most of them in ages, since before I left, or even since university finished. However, by around 2:30, my feet where killing me…We left the palce a little after 3pm I think and arrived home.

Marco and Bernard where sleeping voer at our house, since we live closest I guess, and Cecilia was driving (and it would’t have been nice to drive them home). So home we got, showed them there room, and we all slept like babies I think till lte this morning. We got up around 10:30, had breakfast and off they went.

Grad ball over…Graduation is starting to roll over, and it will be over sooner than expected. Tonight we are going out for a meal with people form my course…and that will be half-way through the associated activities. Don’t worry though! I will be sure to tell you how it goes 😛

(l to r) Marilyn, me, Christabelle and Cecilia on arrival at the Grad Ball

(l to r) Marilyn, me, Christabelle and Cecilia on arrival at the Grad Ball


  1. sounds like fun!
    also – wow mature graduates! i.e. no excessive drinking…. or whatever…
    photos ftw!

  2. @ MinaL It was good fun…Glad I went :)…And there was excessive drinking, as you could see a bit of it outside…but inside I guess friends and security did their job :)…we’re not all THAT mature then 😛

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