Posted by: annmucc | December 8, 2008

Mdina Bastions – the Picnic :)

The plan today was that we go shopping in Sliema this afternoon…well, my funds are not the most impressive, and Christabelle wasn’t feeling all that much up for it, so a change of plans was decided to go to the number 1 thing on my wishlist…going to Mdina πŸ™‚ Great I said (ofΒ  course :)), and the plan as I understood it was to go for cake at Fontanella.

I drove over to Christabelle’s house to pick her up first…and she said something about getting a Thermos…hmmm…what’s the plan then? Well, it seems that Marilyn went shopping and bought some stuff, so we were going to have a picnic on Mdina bastions πŸ™‚ Sure!

From Christabelle’s house it was off to Marilyn’s house to pick her up (she gave me some photos for my PhD πŸ˜‰ – Thanks Marilyn – my collection is growing slowly, but keep them coming :)). From there, Marilyn drove the four of us (Cecilia was with me) on to Mdina, where we parked and set off to the bastions for our picnic. With us we also took some towels to sit on and to cover ourselves with, to try and get a bit cozy πŸ™‚

We arrive ther, and get onto the bastions, where Marilyn started getting her stuff out of the bag…we got Farsons traditional shandy, Oreos (not the original ones), some Cadbury fingers, some nachos, and of course hot chocolate (for after the shandy). Never really thought about picnicking on the bastions, but whatever – it was a great idea I must say – gorgeous views, great spread, and good times. We arrived when the sun was still up, and saw it set and the day getting dark, with the lights going on around us. Great idea girls πŸ˜‰

It started getting cold, and time for Cecilia to be off for trianing, so we collected our stuff (diligently throwing away our rubbish in the bin :P), and started making our way back to the car. On the way we saw the cutest cat EVER, and so of course we HAD to stop and play a bit with it (who wouldn’t?) It was white and charcoal grey, and ever so friendly.

From mdina Marilyn drove to her house, where we took our car, drove Christabelle home, and were off for Cecilia’s handball training. Renette wasn’t there 😦 so didn’t get to see her 😦 Hope I get to meet her sometime though 😐

Now I am back home…soon off to sleep I guess (A) and YES I am getting lazy in Malta O:)

View OF Mdina

View OF Mdina



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