Posted by: annmucc | December 8, 2008

My Aunts’ Cooking – MMMMM

Now that I am in Malta I am trying to make as much as possible of the opportunity to eat ‘normal food’, of which I will probably not have the opportunity to do so until April or so. This mainly means that I ask my aunts to cook the food which I would like to eat, and they generally happily oblige (Thanks :)).

As I said two days ago, yesterday’s lunch was of ravjul…MMMM! My aunts make the best ravjul ever, filled with fresh goat’s cheese, ricotta (maybe?) and parsley. The ravjul are also so big, that I only managed to eat 5! and that was with some effort as I didn’t want to see them go to waste O:). They also had some raosted chestnuts in drinking chocolate, but by then I positively couldn’t eat anything more, so had to skip that.

Also, last night, before going to the graduation meal with my course mates, I had to go to their house to pick up some trousers which my aunt was arranging for me…there I got a whiff of ‘ghagin il-forn’ (baked pasta)…hmm…I am going to go eat, but oh well, I HAD to have just a taste O:) – Bliss!

Ahh…and how can I forget the pudina? (bread pudding I guess, but my aunts make the best bread pudding EVER! with nuts and fruit and all sorts of yummy stuff). They had it ready when I landed on Wednesday night, just out of the oven. However, they say that you shouldn’t eat it warm, so to prevent from my lack of self-control, we left the pudina at their house for picking up on Thursday…it has already long disappeared 😉

Have to start thinking about what else they should cook for me…hmmm…let-me-think



Pudina - Believe me it is SOOO Yummy!

Pudina - Believe me it is SOOO Yummy!

Ghagin il-Forn

Ghagin il-Forn



  1. The picture of the pasta comes from my web page,

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