Posted by: annmucc | December 8, 2008

Thanks…from the Bottom of my Empty Account :)

Well…now that I am over Graduation ball effects and all…I have the presence of mind to remember the names of the lovely people who made my grad ball that bit more better  (awful English, but oh well!) by giving me a belated birthday present I wasn’t expecting in the least…



Alex F.

Mark B.



(Hope I have actually recovered enough, and got the right names :-/)

Also, as I am on the track of thanking people for gifts, I should say thanks to Bernard for ‘sponsoring’ my credit card wallet, which I desperately needed for the zillion cards I have accumulated in London (compliments of the company’s general manager = his father ;)), and Cecilia for the make-up box and make-up lessons, and of course mum for the business card booklet she magicked out of somewhere.

MCA had asked for a wishlist for him and his fmaily, and I had written it down, but it seems like Malta is acting to remove a number of this stuff off my wishlist, to his concern I guess :P. Don’t worry though, whatever you get me I will be happy 🙂



  1. Dont worry 🙂 You will get a Christmas gift.

  2. @MCA: I wasn’t worrying 🙂

  3. MCA: “You will get a Christmas gift”…Ann was assuming u will give her one…she justs aid whatever u get she’ll like it…but that means she is expecting something :D…PS Michael…any ideas I can get Bee??

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