Posted by: annmucc | December 12, 2008

Photography…Photographs…Photographic Studios

Although I am in Malta, I cannot take the whole 10 days or so that I am here as a total holiday (especially since I am going to Denmark soon, and there the amount of work done then will more than probably be practically non-existent!). So while I have been here, I have asked people for photographs and collected some from others, and inputted what i have received into my research collection spreadsheet. I have also tried to be a diligent student, and got some books from the University of Malta library (my sister is a student there šŸ™‚ so I could borrow books on her name) about experimental design and chemometrics (which I need to know, but don’t have any background in), which I have been reading the parts which interest me.

Well, since I was in Malta, I also made it a point to make an appointment with the owner of Custom Labs Ltd. (Malta), of whom my brother is the friend of the son, and I have heard also excellent words about their work from people who have worked with them for exhibitions, books etc etc. So after my brother advised them that I would phone, last week I phoned for when i could go there to talk to them, and the day was yesterday.

Early afternoon then saw me driving to Birkirkara in very rainy weather. I missed the entrance to their palce (cos I got distracted I guess), so had to go back round and get back to the entrance again. Nevertheless, I managed to get to the shop at 3pm on the dot! In I went…’I’m Stephen’s sister’ I said…and they immediately welcomed me.

It was a very intersting experience for me, learning about photography from an actual photograph developer, and someone who is very knowledgeable in the area. I was shown the different developing and printing machines they have, heard their knowledge about the advantages and disadvantages of the different methods, and was also shown how to identify different photographic methods, and also what does numbers on the back of photographs mean. hey were also kind enough to give me a loupe to help me in photographic identification! Thanks guys!

I had wanted to go to talk to them, but as the time was getting closer I started getting more apprehensive. But now I am so glad I went. They were very nice and patient with me, explaining everything at a level I could understand. The information I gathered will surely come in useful!

Thanks again Micalef family and Custom Labs!


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