Posted by: annmucc | December 14, 2008

Evening Activities

This past week has been quite bust, all the days full with some plan or others.

One of the plans made was that last Thursday evening Dorothy G., Cecilia, Bernard, me, and John (and whoever else) go to Mdina for some Fontanella cake…I had been to Mdina for the picnic, but not for cake!

However, our plans got cancelled :(. Returning home from Custom Labs Ltd., the rain was really pouring down, that it wouldn’t have been a wise idea to have to travel far by car in those conditions, and neither to see the views from Fontanella (which undoubtedly make the cake go down that much better). So unfortunately, I said it would be better to cancel. Sorry guys!

Instead, Cecilia and I went to Bernard’s house to continue setting up the svn for him (yes, all of a sudden I am the IT guru of the house!), and in exchange we watched the movie Fame. I had never seen the film, but had of course heard so much about it and its songs.

Surprisingly enough (yes MCA! I actually managed :P) I stayed awake and atentive throughout all the film (MCA would tell you that I am notoriously bad at being itnerested in films I am watching, especially if I don’t known how long it will be and how long is left!). However, although I liked it, I wasn’t all that impressed…you know why? The Fame song was only heard once! and I was soooo looking forward to singing it to my heart’s content (and annoy Bernard in the process?)

Well…although the plans were cancelled for Thursday, I still get to meet the other two! Dorothy G. just came to my house to get me some colour photographs (some is not the right word, since she gave me 50 or so!), while I will meet John tonight!

Will tell you about that tomorrow maybe 😛


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