Posted by: annmucc | December 14, 2008

Saturday Night

One of the main aims I had of when i was in malta was to try and meet as many people as possible (in the middle of enjoying myself). Last night was my last night here, and happily I managed to meet quite a number of people, besides Renette earlier on and also Dorothy G. again. So all in all, I think I practically met everyone I was expecting to (and more!). Hope I get to meet the rest in April.

First off yesterday evening was off to mass at Sarria, since it was the turn of our group to animate (supposedly). Ended up with a capella singing (not from me of course :P), but the upshot was that I got to meet John Paul there πŸ˜€ (had met all the other before). He’s a guy who was in my class in sixth form, and we tend to get on quite well together, being able to have from serious discussions, to whining sessions, to whatever comes to mind. Discussions with him tend to be stimulating, and he always has these intersting (?) pieces of information which I enjoy getitng to know πŸ™‚

From there we went off to Paceville, the night spot in Malta. First we went to McCafe to relax, and for the others to have something. I was leaving space for an qassata, so did’t take anything. As we were starting to make our way out, one of the Tolu twins (of Twin Night fame) messages that they have arrived! Luisa is studying abroad, and only arrived yesterday evening, with two of her friends, Zoe form Hong Kong and Brooke from Ethiopia, while Mina, though in Malta, we hadn’t had the opportunity to meet, since she was in a lab sessions when we went buscading at JC πŸ˜› So trudging through the people, I made my way to baystreet to McDonalds where Mina had told me they normally go to…hmm…not there…I look down…ahhh! THERE they are, on the level below me…wave and act crazy, and gallop down (Tolus’ words :P) to meet my favourite pair of twins πŸ˜€ (after us of course :P). Cecilia was at a dinner with her handball team in the area, so I went to get her to come out to say hi :).

It was great seeing them again, though I think Luisa’s friends where overwhelmed – I (and Cec :P) talk too much for them I think, especially after a dya of travelling – the Tolu’s by now have gotten used to us, and when it is just us four, can hold their own!

I spent around an hour talking (nineteen to the dozen I am sure :P), till their father came to pick them up (the three travels were practically dead!). I went to say hi to their father (who used to be one of the softball coaches, and with whom we have a love-hate relationship πŸ˜€ – but love you still Giancarlo :P), and offΒ  I went to meet my friends, for some time on the town.

Didn’t stay long, cos Marilyn wanted to go home, and that was more than fine by me, knowing that today will be a long night of travelling. On the way back to the car, I bought my long-awaited qassata – mmmm – DELICIOUS, an off home I went.



  1. Yey what a mention!

  2. Sounds like another good night in Malta.

    I am sure twins2² can be overwhelming πŸ™‚

  3. @ Mina: πŸ˜‰ Glad you approve

    @ Michael: It was :D…and twins2Β² is cool πŸ˜›

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