Posted by: annmucc | December 15, 2008

Last Day in Malta

My last day in Malta, as most of the others, was another hectic day.

After the previous night, I had a bit of a lay-in, lazing around a bit. However, after a while I decided to get out of bed and start looking for stuff to start packing my luggage again. However, the trousers I got down for my aunt to arrange for me where still at my aunts house, so I couldn’t finish. So off I went to catalogue Dorothy G.’s photos, before going down to my aunt’s house for lunch.

Being my last lunch in Malta, my aunts asked what I wanted, and my choice fell on lamb. I really love lamb, but here they don’t seme to eat it, so it was a treat. They also made some soup which was NOT cream of something – mmmm – delicious, and my mum had gone to buy some ‘pasti’, buying an apple pie especially for me (since I had said I wanted an apple pie). Great lunch I must say!

Form lunch, it was a run home, where in around 15mins I had to pack, since I was going with my sister to watch her play wheelchair handball (a tournament held every year, so people in wheelchairs can be involved). It was a concerted effort, with Bernard and mum wrapping the pasturi in bubblewrap, and me packing my luggage. 15mins and we were done, and off we went, dropping bernard off home and driving to the tournament.

I watched the tournament for a while, and then was off to mdina to meet my friends…I had been wanting to go to Fontanella for ages, but something always made the visit postponed, so Marilyn decided to organise it for my last evening, with Cecilia organising the time of the meeting while the rest of us were packing.

In Mdina we were practically the whole Fuente group – Marilyn, Christabelle, Chris, Alex F., Mark and Matthew. I was only expecting the girls (due to the short notice), so it was a very nice surprise (especially after waiting for some 45mins in the cold!!!!). I had a piece of chocolate cake and some hot chocolate (of course), while the others had all sorts of things.

Around 5pm I get a call from Cecilia to go pick her up…so after hugs and kisses, it was off back home. on the way home Ceiclia called again to tell me she had a lift, and to go and pick up her boyfriend, so after a detour to Tarxien, it was back home, where I finished the last bits of packing, showered, and had my last dinner in Malta (while chatting to MCA, who had just returned from a trip to Dresden).

Time to be off to the airport!

Bernard had convinced Cecilia to come and see me off, so it was them two, mum and me. On the way to the airport, all of a sudden we hear someone honking the horn repeatedly, so mum moved to the side, and then we realise it was Dorothy B. and her boyfriend Karl! They realised we were going to the airport, so came to see me off as well.

More hugs and kisses, and it was goodbye Malta – hello London

Great trip I must say, and really enjoyed it. Glad I came, and cannot wait for April to come around, to be back in malta, with MCA, and his parents as well for a few days! Cannot wait to show them Malta šŸ˜€


  1. Nice with a round of goodbyes to the friends and family šŸ™‚

  2. Great trip – Thanks guys!

  3. illa all that food you sound spoilt šŸ˜›

    • @ Mina (who should be studying/working): well – I am only spoilt for one day in a couple of months, so it is OK šŸ˜€

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