Posted by: annmucc | December 16, 2008


I want to pose one question to all of you…

Does anyone else called the right button on a mouse a third button sometimes? e.g. press third button, rather than right click.

Or is it just me?



  1. Haha I generally call it the third button 😀

    But Im ur sis hihi

  2. @ Cec: I am happy with your reply even if you’re my sis. Cos this will make MCA see that it is not just me 😛

  3. stramba naqa 😛

  4. @ Mina: what’s stramba? saying third button?

  5. Well we say 3rd button…because when we started using computers (u were probably still not yet born :D)…mice (or mouses or whatever) had 3 buttons not 2…and at school we used to call it the third button :D…all Ms Margaret (i think but not so sure) fault 😀

  6. Wiki: Mouse (Computing): Buttons

    Since mice can have a number of buttons it doesn’t really make sense to talk about the third IMHO. 🙂

  7. @ MCA: Well, as the same link you gave says: ‘The prototype that popularised the idea of three buttons as standard’…So it seems there is some truth in my idea that three buttons is standard, makign saying third button for right button as not so unheard of…probably the computers at school ahd 3 buttons, which made the teacher saying third button correct, and which we took up and used elsewhere.

  8. mice nowadays have 2 buttons 😛

  9. @ Marilyn: maybe now yes, but in the past no 😛 And you know that people use words from the past that are no longer really relevant – are l-idjomi u hekk 😛

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