Posted by: annmucc | December 16, 2008

IT Guru…Part 2

It seems like I am not an IT guru only at home!

Today I was cataloguing photos that Christabelle’s sister had given me (Thanks Christa and co., even though I am a bit overwhelmed with having to catalogue all of them!) when I decided my pencils needed sharpening…hmm…but I don’t have a sharpener! Hmm…

Of I went to knock on Janina’s door, the girl with whom I had gone on the Midnight walk, and who lends me black t-shirts for softball…Do you have a sharpener? ‘Sure she said…and btw…do you udnerstand anything about computers?’ she asked

Hmm….a bit…what’s the problem

Internet explorer is giving me errors everytime I open it! It crashed every time! It has been like this for around 4 days…

Do you have another browser?


Hmm…we cannot download Firefox though since we cannot get to the firefox website…Hmm…do you have a pendrive so i try to transfer firefox from my pc to yours?

Sure…here it is

Not sure if it works, but worth a try.

So off I went to transfer the Firefox files on my laptop to her pen drive…Mission Accomplished, back to her room, where I find her sharpening my pencils.

‘Hmm..let me try this’ I said

Ok – go ahead. I don’t understanding anything in computers, so you have to do it.

Sure no problem…

Ohh – firefox opened from the pendrive. Great! But you wouldn’t want to have to open Firefox from the pendrive every single time! But now we have a browser up and running, I can download the browser.

So off I went, donwloaded it, and…

VOILA’! Firefox is up and running on her laptop, while I have sharpened pencils!

Good exchange I guess 😀 And I’m not an IT guru only at home 😛



  1. prosit ah! 😛

  2. @ Mina: Merci 😉

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