Posted by: annmucc | December 19, 2008


Wanting to say Congrats to my lovely (of course – she looks like me :P) sister…Congrats Cec 😛



  1. Yeah…10x…we’ll see ux issa

  2. congrats ghal-xiex?

  3. @ Mina: Ask her – she might say 😛

  4. I’m having a baby LOOOOOOL…no not true hihi…dak jonqosni…I have a new job :D…issa we c how it goes…should be interesting…I now need to juggle my masters and a full time job, handball, Bernard…hmm I love making my life more itneresting it seems…but I’ll manage (as always)…at least I hope so 😀

  5. @ Cec/Mina: I don’t think I would be congratulating you on a baby 😛

  6. i want a baby 😀

  7. @ Marilyn: MARILYN! Ma rridx insir parrina ghalissa! be good 😛

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