Posted by: annmucc | December 21, 2008

A Not as Lazy Sunday

Yesterday was a lazy day…today was a not as lazy day (that doesn’t say much though :P).

As I said in yesterday’s post, I have been thinking about going to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park for some time, just to check out what there is. So this morning saw me putting on my coat and scarf and being off through Kensington Park and on to Hyde Park to the Winter Wonderland Area. I haven’t been through the park for a while, but I must say it would be nice to do it more often, even on my own, just to gather my thoughts, and walk amongst the nature which is practically on my doorstep. I find it calming and relaxing, particularly walking down next to the Serpentine, hearing the water lap against the banks, with birds flapping, squawking and swimming around. It would be nice to have company, of course, but doing it alone also allowed me to think about my surroundings and immerse myself in them, rather than immerse myself in my endless chatter (which, believe me, I am capable of :P)

After walking all along the bottom (south) end of Kensington/Hyde Park, I got to Winter Wonderland. The first thing that suprised me was that from a way away I could here music, like funfair music, and I really (for some reason) was not expecting that. I was expecting something more calm and serene (with snow?) like I would imagine a Wonderland in Winter…but I guess I wasn’t being very realistic *GRIN*.

Winter Wonderlan contained a lot of funfair type of rides, a haunted house, ice skating rink, etc. etc.. Of course, not being the richest person ever, I decided to make a miss of those, and just walk around. What really caught my eye was the Bavarian market. It had these tiny stalls with beautiful hand made items in the different ones, all beautiful, but all unique. There were a lot of wooden stuff, similar to what you can see in Prague markets and shops, so of course I was a vewy happy girl :D.

After I had exhausted what I wanted to see at Winter Wonderland, I made my way back to Kensington High Street. There I took the time to finish (I hope :/ or at least practically finish) my Christmas shopping (not sure if everyone would be ecstatic with my choices, or impressed with my skills, but oh well! – I’m still a guppy when it comes to buying presents [and don’t ask me what that idiom or whatever means!]). I will not say here what my Christmas shopping includes, because I know SOMEONE will be snooping here, so I will leave it for another time 😀

After shopping was over (phewww) it was back to the residence. I had decided to cook pizza again today, since i had flour and yeast left over, had tomato sauce I had bought for making pasta, but didn’t feel like eating pasta, so made pizza again :), with tomato sauce and gbejniet…i.e. a sort of margherita…mmm…it was good 😀 though for some reason my dough lately has been tasting very yeasty…not sure why…maybe I should leave it ferment longer before adding it to the dough, or use less? Boqqq! And also, does anyone have the same problem as I do? Every time I do the dough, the consistency is good, but after I leave it to rise, I always need to add more flour as it becomes too sticky. Anyone know why, this happens to them, this is my crazy idea, whatever? – give me your thoughts 🙂



  1. Aaaa I loved the little stalls/shop things at the hyde park winter wonderland too! I bought the cutest ski hat, felt pocket and a brooch in the form of a caterpillar, hehe.

    Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year (from a long time reader) 🙂

  2. […] of an effort. So last year required finding gifts for Michael’s family (read a bit about that here), but this year I am buying gifts for mine as […]

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