Posted by: annmucc | December 21, 2008

MY Condensed Milk!

Remember this post about my surprise/shock/frustration/flabbergastion (if THAT’s a word) to no condensed milk in Denmark? Well, If no condensed milk in Denmark, we’ll try Prague I said (I cannot carry any from London, because I will only have hand luggage :|). So Michael searched the supermarkets there, but to no avail.

Then yesterday he went to this Pakistani grocer kind shop…and guess what he found? YESSS! Sweet Condensed Milk!

So right now my condensed milk is travelling across the Czech Republic, Germany and finally Denmark, for me to find it waiting for me when I arrive, as MCA is on the train(s) home.

Thanks MCA! You’re a gem 😀



  1. woohooo 😀 😀 😀

  2. @ Marilny: *GRIN*

  3. YEAH…lets celebrate!

  4. @ Cec: YISSS!

  5. I’m happy to announce that the Dutch produced milk I bought in a Pakistani shop in Czech Republic for my Maltese girl has arrived at my Danish parents house -along with it’s carrier.

  6. @ MCA: Thanks 😉 as long as the milk arrived I am happy 😛

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