Posted by: annmucc | December 23, 2008

Washing Day

Yesterday was Washing Day.

i.e. I gather all the clothes around the room, and throw them into a washing machine. Yesterday I also threw in the bed sheets, since returning to London from the fresh sheets in Malta, I realised that they probably needed a good wash (and may have needed for quite some while :P). Now I have fresh clean sheets šŸ˜€ and all tha’s left is to sometime wash the duvet cover (didn’t want to put it in with the rest, since it is blue, and not so sure if the colour would run).

My room is again like a monti stall, with clothes all over, but not as bad as last time, since I found a clothes horse to hang most of the clothes on…ain’t I becoming organised?

Well, of course, washing didn’t take the whole day. Over yesterday and today I managed to finished cataloguing all the photographs I have at home…I have the grand total of 429 photos, covering most of the years from 1965 to this year, but missing most of the 1980’s…Don’t know why I don’t have much around that time…However, I still have the photos of the Slovakian girl to catalogue (but those are at uni), so maybe those years will be covered there, and with some more photos my sister has collected for me from Malta.

Besides that I have started working a bit on my experimental design for my research, since I have to have something by January. I realised that I have been reading a lot about experimental design, but never colelcted my thoughts and thought about finalising my ideas. So that is what I need to do now!

Ahh – and watched season 3 of Project catwalk (A). Yeah…I know…not he greatest idea! Sorry! But I am totally not in work mood!

Washing my Clothes ;)

Washing my Clothes šŸ˜‰



  1. I had no idea you could sketch so well Ann!!

    Or maybe you got that pic from a book :p

    As for the photos – prosit issa gibt xi ftit šŸ™‚ hope they serve you well!

  2. @ John: sure, it’s one of my non-explored skills šŸ˜› Hehe – it is on-line šŸ˜› Yeps – hope they serve me well.

  3. I didn’t know you could sketch so well. šŸ™‚ am enjoying reading your blog. hope to read more of your Christmas adventure in Denmark soon.

  4. @ Grace: Welcome to my blog :). Hehe – an unknown talent of mine it seems :P. Glad to have a new reader šŸ˜‰

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