Posted by: annmucc | December 25, 2008

On my Way…

Wednesday morning saw me making my way to the airport…early and very tired (as you would probably guess from the fact that I wrote the previous post at 1:30am, and had to wake up at 4:30am!). 4:30 saw me already out of the residence, making my way to the bus stop to get to Victoria bus station. From there I was to take a bus to Stansted airport. My bus was at 6:00am, but I was hoping to get the earlier one at 5:30am; Normally they allow you to take the previous bus, but the driver said that all the places were already booked, so had to wait for my bus.

Arrived at the airport…speeded to security, got through, and then had around 2hrs to wait there (since it was Christmas I wanted to make sure Igot there on time, so overestimated the time it would take me to account for any traffic and problems I may have encountere…however I encountered no such problems :D).

Hmm…what to do in the departure lounge? I had my laptop so got it out to play some games.

Hmm…Why don’t I go and buy a book MCA had listed on his wishlist? I could afford to buy him something else 🙂

Off I went…He wanted a book by Barack Obama…Hmm…but which one? This wishlist was on googledocs, and I had no access to the interent…Hmm…’I will buy him this one’ I decided.

Back to waiting…but now I had a book ;)..Shouldn’t I check it out before giving it as a gift, just in case it wasn’t appropriate O:) ;).

Gate Number comes up…off to gate

Boarding starts…on to airplane.

WOOHOOO…on my way! We left 15mins late however 😦 I will see MCA soon enough though :D.

By now I was dead tired (of course, you are probably saying :P), so after my nap on the bus, I took the opportunity to sleep on the plane again.


Security check…

Rush towards the exit.

MCA!!!….mmm :D:D:D

It was GREAT to see him again *GRIN*.

From there we had around 1hr 20mins drive to his parents house, were the rest of his family was already there.

Great to be back to Denmark…

Thanks for having me Andersen family!



  1. Shouldn’t I check it out before giving it as a gift, just in case it wasn’t appropriate O:) ;).

    Haha…Great thinkg 😀

    We’re still waiting to see what you did yest 😀

  2. It was great to see you step out off the gate in Billund as well 😀

  3. @ Cec: O:) hihi – and be patient! I wrote for Christmas Eve and Christmas day now, so I’m up to date 😉

    @ MCA: hihi *GRIN*

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