Posted by: annmucc | December 26, 2008

Christmas in Denmark…Boxing Day

This morning we had quite a decently early morning. First thing we did was had breakfast with MCAs dad (his mum was still asleep)…I had rolls with butter and cheese on one, and marmalade on the other. Also I had some honey in hot water cos my throat was starting to hurt…starting to get sick 😐

Following breakfast, MCA had some work to do, while I finished this morning blogposts…hmm…what to do next? MCA had mentioned maybe a bike ride around town…but do they have a bike which is small enough for me? Let’s see! They lowered MCA’s mother’s bike seat to the lowest position, and I could just about get on it…perfect! So off we went, around town. I think I managed quite well, and my ‘patata’ doesn’t hurt 🙂 So I’m happy, even though I fell off once 😦 when MCA told me the road is clear, but I saw a car coming and panicked a bit. Now my leg hurts a bit, besides my sore throat and headache 😦 I’m a sick girl!

During the bike ride we realised that there were some supermarkets open…we had thought that they open on the 27th December. So on arriving home, we got the shopping list, and off we went to buy the stuff for a Christmas log and for lasagna…MCA had brought me the condensed milk from Prague, so all we needed for the Christmas log were nuts, candied peel, and biscuits – no morning coffee biscuits, but the Marie biscuits came into use.

Back home, I started feeling quite run down, so when his parents left to go viit MCAs granmother (on the other side) for the family party (restricted to the brothers and sisters and not cousins as she is getting old now), I took the opportunity to take a bit of a rest.

After waking up, it was on to a bit of lunch (ham, remoulade and fried onions – MMMM! Had been looking forward to this for AGES!)…then CHRISTMAS LOG!

MCA and I chopped and crushed out way through the ingredients, to make the Christmas log. Now it is in the refrigerator, were it is cooling down and solidifying a bit to be ready for chocolate covering and decoration tomorrow. Can’t wait for it to be ready, and hope they like it.

What to do next? Well, MCA and I watched an episode of Murder She Wrote, till his parents returned home just now. We are now in the attic watching tv and chatting, while I blog.

Tonight? We’ll see what we’ll do…eat and rest I guess 🙂



  1. […] get awake again (of course!). So now that I am awake, why don’t we do the Christmas log? The first one we made was now close to finished, but we wanted for MCAs family to hopefully taste it tomorrow. […]

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