Posted by: annmucc | December 26, 2008

Christmas in Denmark…Christmas Day

In Denmark, Christmas day is a bit more relaxed than in Malta, since the celebrations are mainly held on the Eve. So of course, we had a late morning O:). After a bit of breakfast/lunch, the first thing on the day’s programme was a trip to a forest nearby, where there is a deer garden (Dyrehaven ved Haderslev). My first time seeing deer! and we actually managed to see them! There were quite a lot of deer actually, though they didn’t look like Bambi ­čśŽ (probably cos now is not the time for deer fawns :P). It was good to walk around the place, see the deer, be in the forest and nature overlooking a lake, and just walk around.

Want a funny incident? As we were walking to a car, all of a sudden I got washed by coke! (YES Cec, they seme to waste it over here and not be interested in it ­čśŤ hihi)…why? Well, a lady dropped a 2L or so bottle of coke on the ground, after it having been jiggling around in her bag I think and the back of the car for quite a while…as it hit the ground, this bottle exploded, and I got a nice shower of coke…boohooo ­čśŤ

From the forest and deer garden it was on to MCA’s grandparent’s house…mormor and morfar. I had already visited them the last time I was in Denmark…they have a gorgeous cosy house, and though they speak no English, they were always very welcoming. After a few minutes, MCAs aunt and cousin Martin (the one who now lives in London) came over (they live just next door), and then Martin’s sister, and then another cousin. We had coffee, with biscuits and cake (delicious!) and all sorts of things, besides a lot of talking. The best thing of all though was probably the ├Žbleskiver, which are like mini croissant/doughnuts mixture, which you dip into some jam first, and then some sugar, and then eat…MMM! Delicious!



Luckily people who spoke English tried to include me quite constantly, so it wasn’t at all boring for me (it was actually quite funny, with MCAs aunt saying she hopes it is ‘funny’ for me to be in Denmark, and how ‘funny’ it is for MCAs parents to be visiting Malta for Easter (yes they are, if I haven’t said :D, tickets bought as well! WOOHOOO!)…of course she meant fun :), but it took a while to realise that :P. I also got some oven towels (the things to use to get hot stuff from an oven not to burn your hands)…more gifts…woohooo! Last year she had also given me a pair of house shoes…she knits all this stuff, and it is so cool to receive it!

From the grandparents house it was back home, where we had dinner…dinner was leftovers from the previous day…so today I knew EXACTLY what I liked…mmm! Delicious! After dinner, up to the attic. There they went through their photograph collection, and gave me what they didn’t want…Woohooo! More stuff for my collection! Though it also meant me working on Christmas day :p since I decided the best way to catalogue the photos is to put them in as they give them to me, so I can ask them the questions I want as I am there, rather than them trying to remember what they gave me ages alter and also information about them.

Following photograph collection cataloguing (I am fast approaching 500 now :)) the 4 of us (MCA, his parents and me) played a game of Carcassone (I won!!! WOOHOOO :P), and then we chatted a bit while I wrote a blog post and a half┬á (the battery ran out half way to the Christmas Eve post, so had to stop there), and then off to the lovely bed, after another long but happy day ­čÖé


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