Posted by: annmucc | December 26, 2008

How could I have Forgotten?

How could I have forgotten? I echo…
The Christmas stocking!
I had been whining (yes, that’s the word for what i was doing :P) that I will miss my mum’s Christmas stocking, which she gives us every year…
So OF COURSE! my hints worked, and I got a Christmas stocking *GRIN*…he hid it in the wardrobe, and I had to search for it :). In it I got a ring and a snowman from his trip to Dresden, sweets (which he said he bought at the airport while waiting for me, and they were in his coat pocket through all the trip…and I didn’t even realise! IDIOT!), and a pair of socks from his mother 🙂

I got a Christmas stocking! woohooo!



  1. Haha…I knew u were getting a Christma Stocking :D:D:D:D:D…any ferrero rocher or baci??

  2. @ Cec: buuuh! And no Ferrero Rocher or Baci 😦 He didn’t find 😦

  3. LOl…we have no Ferrero Rocehr…just baci this year :D…apart form other sweets and nuts hehe…Duplo…etc etc

  4. piggies :p i got nothing 😦 *sob sob*

    hehe xx

  5. @ Cec: Awww…At least you got Baci…I got a chocolate-covered marzipan bar, 4 snowballs, and some liquorice and wine gums (blehh O:)).

    @ Marilyn: hehe – you didn’t hint enough 😛

  6. i get socks and pants in mine! 😛

  7. @ Mina: hehe – so it’s not just us who love our Christmas stocking it seems 😛

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