Posted by: annmucc | December 27, 2008

Christmas in Denmark…Boxing Day – Evening

Continuing from yesterday’s post…

As I was saying, we were in the attic when MCAs parents arrived. Soon after their arrival, they started making progress on the evening dinner: what I’ll call beef burgers with fried onions, some beans (fazola) and boiled potatoes with gravy, or in Danish: bøf med løg. MMM – as they were cooking I just wanted to steal some of the food, it gave off such a delicious aroma…but of course I couldn’t 😦 so had to wait. MCA’s dad also showed me how to make gravy (which I didn’t know how to make O:) … At last time to eat! MMM…It tasted as good as it smelt and looked (though I am sure my mum would not be as proud of the amount of oil that went into the food :P).

bøf med løg

bøf med løg

Then for dessert? Ris alamande – the dessert we had for the Christmas dinner…and some hot cherry sauce (after some problems with that :P). Again, delicious! The food here, though quite different to what I am used to, is still very delicious.

Ris Alamande with Hot Cherry Sauce

Ris Alamande with Hot Cherry Sauce

Following dinner, we made our way back to the attic, where MCAs dad showed us how to make Christmas stars (julestjerner). These are made from 4 pieces of equal pieces of paper folded into two, which you twist and turn to make a star…very fiddly work, but WOOHOOO! I managed to make one (and before MCA did 😛 MUHAHAHAHA!

Christmas stars

Christmas stars

By now however I was feeling very much under the weather: I was coughing, feeling very tired and worn out, and feeling cold and hot at the same time: I was SICK! 😦 So after drinking the camomile tea with honey MCAs father made me, I went off to sleep at around 9:30pm…and slept for around 11-12 hrs O:). Although not feeling at all perfect, I feel better today. Hope I am out of the forest for this sickness!



  1. get well soon.. xx

  2. @ Mina: Thanks Mina: I am better than yesterday, but still feeling quite under the weather…Only living cos I took I don’t know how many naps today I think!

  3. Ohh mikkina…trid il fsied ux :P:P…

  4. Hope you are feeling better.

    Cool pics 🙂

    All the best for the New Year 🙂

  5. @ Cec: No 😦 I am really sick! And I forgot my EHIC card, so cannot really go to the doctor!

    @ Wen: Thanks! And all the best for the New Year to you and Red too.

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