Posted by: annmucc | December 29, 2008

Christmas in Denmark…An Easy Day

After the past two days of mostly sleeping, today I had quite an unforced day of relaxation…nothing too much planned, and just taking the day as it came.

After breakfast we made our way to the shops in Toftlund…1st of January is MCA’s sister’s birthday, so we needed to go buy her something (we should be visiting her then). Also, there were some other errands we needed to run. The main shop street here in Toftlund is around a five minute walk away from MCA’s parent’s house, so we went on foot. After adjusting the watch strap MCA got from his parent for Christmas (it was too big), we started on our look for a gift (MCA had phoned his sister in the morning to ask what she wanted – very strange concept to me, but alas it seems to be the way things work in this tiny part of the world called Denmark [or Andersen family – not sure which as yet!]). So what did we get? Maybe I should leave that out, just in case she reads this blog 😛 (Don’t think she does, or at least not regularly if at all, but better not risk it – they are big on keeping things a secret here, so don’t want to be the cause of spilling the beans!)

In the afternoon then we made our way to Romo, an island around a 30minute ride from Toftlund, which you can cross over to via a bridge, so quite easy. Wa wanted to make it there to see the sunset, but there was a big low cloud so no sunset could be seen. The trip was still worth it though, as I got to see the Danish efforts to reclaiming land (a project which they have now abandoned in this area at least), and also to see a big sandy beach – THAT was another of the reasons why MCA wanted to take me there 😛 – to show me what a beach really is 😛 HIHI.

The beach was, of course, enormous…you actually drive down to the beach and park on the sand! That’s something which you certainly do not do in Malta, at least normally, and on the main beaches…here it seemed to be the normal way to do it; in Malta I think it is illegal to do that because of erosion (someone may correct me on this though). So after a walk on the beach (in very biting cold weather, but at least it wasn’t windy!), we made it back to the car, where we had some hot chocolate (having baptised the thermos MCAs parents gave me for Christmas) – mmm – it was greatly appreciated after the cold outside!

From Romo we drove back to Toftlund, where we took the car for a carwash (my first time at a car wash :P). So with a clean car we drove home, where I finished reading the book I have been reading for the past two days (The Rainmaker – John Grisham). Three-quarters through the book I realised I had already read the book (yes – that happens very often to me…I read too many books to keep track of all of them, but that doesn’t make me lose interest at all).

As I finished the book, we were called for dinner…flæskesteg (pork roast with crackling) with potatoes, gravy and some salad. The Pork roast was cooked with its skin, which had been sliced into to make thin slices, between which salt was introduced…very fatty and aslty (mum would be sooo proud :P), but still delicious!



Now that dinner is over, I am sitting blogging over here, while MCA does some work and organises things for tomorrow.

Enjoy your day!


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