Posted by: annmucc | December 30, 2008

Christmas in Denmark…Plans Over the New Year

Right now I am sitting in the living room in Toftlund, as MCA and his dad discuss the problems of the laptop of a neighbour, which she brought in for them to remove some virus that has infected it.

However, I won’t be here long…The plan is to do a roadtrip to the north of Jutland to meet people and spend New Years there.

First on the itinerary is Aalborg, which is the city where MCA went to university, and also a city where last year my brother spent a month working last year at a research group at university, and where I had organised I meeting between my brother and MCA when both were in the city…it was good to hear that they got on fine :). We should be spending there till tomorrow morning.

THen, tomorrow afternoon we should make our way to Christian in Skjoldelev to spend Christmas with him and his wife (and two cats and two dogs I’ve been told). On New years Day it is off to Odder to MCAs sisters place, since it is her birthday, and back to Toftlund.

I have not seen the north of Jutland so far, since the last time I was here we travelled east to Copenhagen rather than North. Can’t wait to meet more of MCAs friends and see more of Denmark.



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