Posted by: annmucc | January 1, 2009

Christmas in Denmark…Off to Aalborg

The 30th of December saw us making our way to Aalborg, in the north of Jutland. I was the designated GPS for the trip (or for what it was needed), so we made our way off to the North with MCA at the wheel, after a short stop on the way for MCA to help a guy set up an e-mail.

3 hour (or so car trip)….bzzzzzzzz…


Last year in the middle of January I had ‘helped’ set up a meeting between my brother and MCA in Aalborg, since both were in the same city at the same time, so I was looking forward to at last being me the one being taken around the city.

We walked into the town…really liked the architecture in the middle…some of tthe buildings looked really old and like they had a story to tell…was impressed by the place. In the centre of town there was also an ice rink set up for the Christmas season, and a sort of small Christmas market (which was however closed).

On the way to the harbour then we walked by the tourist office, so stopped to grab a map, and made our way on to the harbour. The harbour is set on a fjord (which I now learnt is a thin body of sea water). On this fjord is a ship which has been turned into a restaurant, and which I had heard about last year, so was interested in seeing. However, unluckily, it was closed for refurbishment, so couldn’t get on.

After the visit to the town centre, it was on to Peter’s (an neighbour of MCA during his university years), Maria (his gf) and Oscar’s (their 6 month old boy) place, where we were to spend the night.

On entering their place we were immediately met with very appetising aromas…lasagna was on the menu! so I of course was not disappointed O:). We had Oscar-friendly lasagna (i.e. pasta in smaller pieces and no spices) and Oscar-unfriendly pasta…having tried both, after some time of chatting, I must say I liked both *GRIN* [what’s new? you’re probably saying :P].

Dinner over, we had some delicious chocolate cake and some good discussions…Peter is doing his masters thesis at the moment, so we could have a bit of a chat about different universities and different ways of doing things. But of course, the conversation was not limited to that…it touched a variety of subjects, keeping my interest all throughout. The best thing was possibly that both Peter and Maria spoke quite perfect English and didn’t seem to mind to do so, which meant I could follow and participate in all the conversation…woohooo!!

The next morning, after saying hi to Oscar again, we soon had to make our way to Thomas’s place, a friend of MCA who was in the same university course at MCA, who was treating us to brunch…he prepared a delicious spread of all sorts of things…mmm :).

Thomas also lives very close to Lindholm Høje, a Viking (or as Peter, a guy who also studied History at university said, Northerners is the exact term) burial site. I was impressed by the size of the area, since I expected it to be much smaller, but it was much too cold to really appreciate it (sorry MCA!). From there we made our ways to CommunicateIT, Thomas’s company’s offices, to see where he worked.

It was then off back to the town centre, where we were to meet Iben and Tina, two friends of MCA from his university years with whom he was a memebr in the Erasmus Student Network of Aalborg. Iben was probably one of the first people my age I met here in Denmark, and as excitable as I am it seemed, so it was good to be in the company of ‘kindred spirits’ :P. She is doing a masters in global studies at Gotenburg University in Sweden, so we talked about our lives abroad, and had some good times.

Soon, however, it was getting time to make our way to Skjoldelev, and for the cafe/restaurant we were in to close, so we said goodbye to the girls, and returned to the car. MCA then made a detour to the Aalborg University area, where he showed me his room and garden for the 5 years he spent in Aalborg, before making our way to Skjoldelev.

What we did in Skojldelev and New Year’s? That’s another post (this one is already toooo long :P) and another day (I am getting tired now)



  1. I’m tired so I only read the intro of this post… but anyways



  2. @ Mina: Hehe- that’s OK – you can read the rest later :P. And there’s more to come about NYE, when I have the time to sit down and write!
    In the meantime, think of questions 😛

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