Posted by: annmucc | January 2, 2009

Christmas in Denmark…Recipes from the Land of the Vikings

Today was another relaxed day…after the North Jutland road trip, this was needed, so I happily relaxed O:).

After waking up and having breakfast, the first thing on the plan was shopping at the supermarket: we needed stuff for a new Christmas log, an onion pie, and other stuff needed around the house. On returning to the house then we unpacked and prepared stuff for lunch.

Next? hmm…siesta for me! DOn’t know why, but I have started feeling a bit run down again yesterday and especially today, so I was off to bed to read and rest while MCA helped his dad out with a website. However, in the middle of my lovely, harmonius, oh so restful (the adjectives go on and on) sleep, MCA came to wake me up – we were going to the Agerskov cycle club clubhouse to borrow some chairs, since tomorrow MCAs family is invited over as a sort of celebration for MCA’s birthday…GRRR! I had wanted to go, but as people who know me have realised, I DO get grumpy when I am woken up in the middle of a siesta! So a whiny, grumbling Ann made her way with MCA and his dad to the club house to collect chairs, cutlery and whatnot was needed.

Back home, I was starting to get awake again (of course!). So now that I am awake, why don’t we do the Christmas log? The first one we made was now close to finished, but we wanted for MCAs family to hopefully taste it tomorrow. Hmm…but no more condensed milk! We decided to substitute that with coconut milk, so we crushed biscuits, chopped glazed cherries and nuts, grated an orange rind, added some port wine, and added the milk. We also added some gulepp, a syrup of carob made in Malta which I had given them as a gift last year to help with the lack of sweetness of coconut milk as compared to sweetened condensed milk. The consistency looked good as we were rolling the thing, but it seems much lighter. Tomorrow we then have to coat it in chocolate, and hopefully I could report a favourable result.

After that it was on to some lazing – we continued watching Friends episodes, a tv series Marilyn had lent me before I left for London (she herself had borrowed it from Christabelle :)), but I am still in series 1! However, we have made some serious inroads into the first series this trip I think. Half way through one episode, however, MCAs dad came to tell us that MCAs mum thought that we are cooking! AHHH – the onion pie! We had told her that we wanted to cook it and bought the ingredients, but we weren’t implying today. Oh well, instead of eating at 6pm as is normally done, we started cooking then. His mum and I fried some onions with a teaspoon of curry, while MCA made the dough. We baked the dough for ten minutes, then added the fried onions, togetehr with some cream and 2 eggs which we had whisked together, and baked for a further 25 minutes or so, during which time we prepared an avocado salad (yeah – the Danes eat sophisticated stuff I believe :P).

The result? We ate an hour later than normal, but that made it all the more better :). We ate and were satisfied, and went off to finish watching some more Friends, after which we went for a short walk in the neighbourhood (too cold for any kind of a long walk :)).

Back home, we decided to find a game to play. The first game we saw and decided on was Mastermind, and we had a couple of runs of that…I was quite good at it, if I say so myself 😛 hihi – so I am quite pleased with myself (A).

Now it is on to blogging, while MCA does some work with his dad on a website. But I think I am soon going to be off to bed to rest a bit and read before being off to bed…I AM tired, even if I didn’t do much! GRRR – this illness is running me down, mainly as I waste most of my energy coughing. MCAs mum is also coughing now – I hope I haven’t given her anything!



  1. … but as people who know me have realised, I DO get grumpy when I am woken up in the middle of a siesta! So a whiny, grumbling Ann …

    HAHA…I so know what ur talking about 😛

  2. @ Cec: O:)

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