Posted by: annmucc | January 2, 2009

Christmas in Denmark…Seeing the New Year In in Skjoldelev

After the stay over in Aalborg and meeting the people on the list there, New Years Eve saw us driving down from Aalborg to Skjoldelev, where we were to see the New Year in with Christian and Louise; Christian is a friend of MCA from high school, and with whom he has done some travelling etc. etc., while Louise is his wife (now expecting a child).

The drive down was gorgeous…everywhere was white with frost (though not snow), giving the perfect Winter landscape…gorgeous…had never seen anything like it (of course) before, except on Christmas cards and television, so it felt quite magical to me, in fact also encouraging me to grab MCAs camera to take some photos. However, as time passed, fog started to form. I hoped we would arrive at our destination soon so that MCA would not have to drive in those conditions, especially if they worsened.

We arrive at Christian and Louise’s house! I had met Christian last week during MCAs high school reunion, but this was the first time I met Louise, though I had heard quite a lot about them :). The house was gorgeous I thought…they had bought it quite run down it seems, and have arranged it beautifully…It really made me wish for something like that…good lighting, gorgeous furniture, lovely wooden beams…mmmm!

We also entered the house to the best aromas ever! MMM…if the food tasted even half as good as it smelt, I was sure I would be in heaven! And I wasn’t disappointed :). After some chatting we got down to the food.

Ahh – but first! We heard the Queen’s (Denmark’s) New year’s speech (in Danish of course :(). This is a Danish tradition it seems that at 6pm everyone gets in front of the tv to listen to the speech (which lukcily lasted 10minutes rather than the normal/planned 15 – WOOHOOO!). We hadn’t gone hungry though so far…they presented dips ๐Ÿ™‚

NOW it was time for dinner! And WOW! I was impressed right off the bat…the started was prawns with asparagus. Really gorgeously presented, and really tasty (MCA has the photos…I couldn’t not take photos!). It was also presented with garlic bread! MMM….food and served with bread…I was realising I have been missing the Maltese tradition of eating everything with bread!

Prawn Starter

Prawn Starter

Following the prawn starter, next on the menu was the main dish…roasted potatoes (like what we make in Malta in my family when we want nice-looking potatoes – so I was happy :)), vegetable salad of beetroots, carrots and some other egetable (not sure what it is called) and the meat [of course with gravy]…delicious! And again served with garlic bread…wow!

Main Course

Main Course

Next was dessert…chocolate brownies with this very good vanilla/caramel ice-cream which I adored…perfect dessert ending off a perfect meal!

By now it was getting close to midnight…but first on the plan was the ‘Dinner for One‘ television programme at 11:45pm. This ‘movie’ is shown every year on Danish TV (and other TV stations e.g. in Germany, Austria etc.) on New Years Eve, so it is part of the tradition to watch it.

The first time MCA had come to Malta, my uncle was at our house when we were having dinner once, and we decided to tell MCA that my uncle was the butler of our house…MCA said that my uncle reminded him of the butler in this video, so was looking forward to seeing what it was all about…not sure I am so happy now about the comparison ๐Ÿ˜›

When ‘Dinner for One’ was over, it was then practically midnight, so we got ready the champagne and the kransekage; Kransekage are marzipan sweets covered in dough typical of Danish NYE celebrations…earlier in the day I saw them at the supermarket and was curious what they were, so was happy we got them ๐Ÿ™‚

Kransekage - Danish NYE sweets

Kransekage - Danish NYE sweets

We watched the countdown on Danish TV, had champagne and kransekage and kissed and hugged at midnight.

Another Danish New Years tradition is the letting off of fireworks. However, unlike the way fireworks are let off in malta, where they have to be let off at a secific distance from people etc etc, in Denmark, for New Years Eve, everyone can buy their own fireworks (though there are limits on the size) and let them off, generally in the village square or from the garden. So after the clock struck midnight, the fireworks in the neighbourhood started…you could see fireworks being let off everywhere. After a while as well the people collected in the village square just outside Christian and Louise’s house, letting off their fireworks. We went out to watch…It was an exhilirating experience in the least…these were unlicensed people and kids, letting off fireworks in the middle of a crowd…I wanted to watch, but was too scared at the same time, so had all the emotions possble running through my mind! The scariest thing was possibly that they let off these rockets from bottles, but it is quite easy for the bottle to topple over, and for the rocket to be shot straight into people rather than up! It was crazy! or so I think.

Another Danish New Years tradition is the playing of pranks on your neighbour…we put up the Christmas tree on the nieghbour’s roof…hihi O:)…Also, the next morning, when we woke up, we saw the neighbours houses sprayed with foam and party spray…ours wasn’t, possibly because we were in the house.

After the fireworks were let off, then, it was time to be off to bed.

The next morning, of course, we had a late morning…we woke up, had breakfast, and after that lazed around, watching the first 4 or 5 episodes of the Long Way Round. A truly lazy morning, after a busy couple of days.

However, soon it was time to be off for our next stop before arriving back in Toftlund.


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