Posted by: annmucc | January 2, 2009

Christmas in Denmark…Trip to Odder

In the afternoon, from Christian and Louises place we made our way to Odder, where MCAs sister and boyfriend live, since it was MCAs sister’s birthday (1st January was also Christians birthday, and the 31st my mum’s, so it seems like the New Year is a popular time for birthdays :)).

The original plan of getting to Odder was to drive down along the coast from Aarhus. However, we made a wrong turn somewhere, and just got the main road to Odder, which turned out well, since we were late anyways.

This was my first time at MCAs sister’s place…It is the top apartment in a block of apartments, so had the sloping roofs and the wooden beams…of course I liked it! There we got afternoon coffee/lunch, of course being in Denmark, of open sandwiches. MCAs sister also explained to us the morning treasure hunt which her boyfriend had organised for her to find her birthday gifts, which were four rings which can be worn at the same time (Spinning jewellery).

Following this we got to talking. MCA’s sister’s boyfriend seemed very interested in the differences between Malta and Denmark, so got a lot of questions about that. However, by this time I was starting to get tired, and could barely think of good answers. When this part of the evening was over, believe me, I was happy not to have to talk about it! Soon however we got on to other things.

Soon enough though it was time to make our way back to Toftlund, and home. We said our goodbyes, and started on the last leg of our Jutland New Year trip.

Back home, we found dinner ready and waiting for us…salad and lasagna…mmm. After dinner, we started watching National Treasure on tv (luckily, tv in Denmark is in English with Danish subtitles for English-language programmes!), in the middle of which we stopped to play Carcassone (MCA, his dad, and I). After two games of that, we returned to watch the end of National Treasure, and then off to sleep!

By this time, the bed was looking and sounding VERY welcoming 🙂


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