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Christmas in Denmark…My last few days in Denmark

I’m now back in London after some more great days that I didn’t take the time out to blog about:

Saturday morning was spent making preparations for the afternoon, when MCAs family were invited over for MCAs thirtieth (yes – he’s old :|) birthday party. This was his parent’s gift to him to get all the family to meet up, which due to him being away, is not as easy :).

This was the first time I met most of his family, and I must say that they are a friendly bunch, immediately coming over to introduce themselves (NOW I know how that feels – I must say it is a bit intimidating sometimes, so I apologise to everyone I have ever done that to!). However, as the night wore on, it started getting a bit too much, all the Danish being spoken, all the people there I do not know, all the chatter about things I don’t understand, and all the pullings on MCAs attention (yes – I do get sulky sometimes :P). So I skipped off downstairs for some alone time with English in my thoughts, before returning back to the attic for the party. Nevertheless, it was great seeing them after hearing about them all countless times.

The next day was our last day together *SOB*. As I was in bed, I heard the church bells ringing, and for some reason I felt the desire to go there. MCA agreed to it (not without some unhappy looks :P), so after breakfast we went off to the church at the end of his road. It was all in Danish, and a different service to what I am used to (this being Danish Protestant not Catholic), but it still gave me time tog et into my own head and think about things. Also, Danish Protestant services have a lot of singing in them, which I enjoyed. The most embarassing thing however was the persistent cough – and at THE most inopportune moments, if I go on MCAs account (I cannot say much, since I didn’t understand what was being said :)).

Toftlund Church

Toftlund Church

As we were exiting the church, we met with Hugo and Ane, two of MCAs parent’s neighbours (and Hugo was also MCAs history teacher), who invited us over for coffee/tea…mmm…more brune kager biscuits :P. It was good to hear them talk, especially since both could potter along in English inspite of their age – woohooo! (they have a daughter who is married to an Englishman and lives in England as well apparently).

And what happened during our time there? It started to snow! *BIG GRIN* Yes! Snow flakes started raining down from the sky – woohooo – I got my snow at last! After a while we then made our way back to MCAs parents house – in the snow! from where we collected some dry bread, and went down to the nearby duck pond to feed the ducks – in the snow! Snow is actually MUCH nicer than rain, as it doesn’t sting your face, or make you wet – mmmm 😀

Feeding the ducks was HILARIOUS if I say so myself! The pond was frozen over, except for a part in the middle where there were reeds, and in which area the ducks where. However, then MCA and I arrived with bread…hmm…said the ducks…should we go over? …Let’s throw them some bread…MCA and I said…and let’s see if they’re tempted…We are, We are…said a few brave ones…and on they came, waddling towards us.

The Frozen Duck Pond

The Frozen Duck Pond

ONE problem though…duck feet are not, I repeat NOT adapted for walking on ice 🙂 It was hilarious seeing these poor ducks waddling, sliding and skiding over the ice to get to the bread we were throwing to them. Some others, a bit further away, decided to try and fly in…but how do you stop on ice? sp..pbang 🙂 they went on their landing, skiding all over 🙂 Hehe – it was nice though, with the snow falling and the ducks waddling. It soon got cold though, so we made our way back to the unquestionable heat in the house.

In the evening then, as MCA and I were watching some Friends episodes, we get a knock on the door, and MCAs dad, Bent, appears: be ready at 6:15pm – we are going out for a ride!

UHHH…intrigued! So we got ready on time, and got into the car…MCAs trials to get some info did not work. We saw we were making our way to Agerskov…Aha…said MCA…They are taking us out to eat!…he said.

How sweet! They said that since this was my last day there (and MCAs penultimate one), they wanted to treat us to a night. So they took us to Agerskov Kro for a fine meal I must say. We took the day’s special, which consisted of salad from a salad bar first, and then Beef Bernaise, with roasted vegetables, like a small omelette, and a jacket potato…PLUS some chips. It was delicious! but too much…we didn’t even managed to finish the bowl of chips they got us between the four of us. An excellent evening, save for another coughing bout from me…GRRR!

Agerskov Kro - The Outside of the Restaurant/Hotel

Agerskov Kro - The Outside of the Restaurant/Hotel

But well satisfied, we returned home, where after a game of Carcassone, we were off to sleep.

Monday morning – my last few hours :(. What should we do? A walk? I suggested…Sure…said MCA…I need to go exchange a gift I received at my birthday from my aunts as it is too big to carry, and also go to the bank. Want to do that? Sure! So off we went to the town centre, where we finished the errands. Back home, I packed in my laptop, and waited for the time to go till lunch and us leaving by playing Carcassone and whatever took our fancy.

Leaving Toftlund was very sad 😦 His family always really make me feel very welcome. Also, the past twelve days were great days of great times spent with Michael. The more I see of Denmark, the more I like it. Other bloggers have said that being a foreigner in Denmark is very hard, but I have seen none of this unfriendliness from the Danish people so far – just people inviting me into their homes, and making me feel welcome. But I also realise that if MCA was not the one introducing me to these people, then it could get hard.

Cannot wait to have his family and my family in Malta together for Easter. It will be great to get them to meet, and of course to spend 2 weeks with MCA ;).



  1. Thanks for your blog! I am finding it really helpful! So easy to read and very relevant. I am leaving tomorrow from Texas (where I live) to spend Christmas and New Years with my Danish boyfriend and his family in Denmark. Also – in January, his sister is due to have her first child! So it will be neat to see him become an uncle. (onkel?) You answered so many of my questions! Thanks again!! Keep blogging!

  2. @ BP: Glad I could be of help :). What I have written here was my experience of Christmas and New Years in Denmark. From what I saw they like to keep things cosy (hygge…I am sure you’ll learn that word if you haven’t already…everything has to be hyggelig :)) so it should be good. I have jsut come back from a weekend in Denmark where we celebrated an early Christmas as we will be spending the real one in Malta this year. you can read about that in my latest posts. Have a good time in Denmark! And elt me know how it went if you pop back in at some point :). My boyfriend’s sister is also having a baby (in the middle of next year though)…but he’s already an uncle from her :).

  3. […] a big party was being organised at their house. Not having ever been to a Danish party yet (besides Michael’s birthday party 2 years ago which was on a small-scale relatively). We have known about the party for quite some […]

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