Posted by: annmucc | January 6, 2009

My First Day back in London

I arrived back in London yesterday evening, with the hope of snow from the bus driver. However, I found no snow as I was getting in. Oh well, I lived through the London transport delays (normal situation) and got home.

THis morning, when I woke up, I first had to wait for 9am to come around to get to university, as there were a couple of things I needed to settle with the student services office, namely a meal card which had the first and last weeks of January cancelled, so I couldn’t get food on these days otherwise, and to pay my rent (deadline is tomorrow). After getting that sorted, it was on to university, where I realised that the drop-in hours at the health centre would finish in around 15mins, so off I went to see the doctor to check out my cough. After waiting for around an hour, I got the same doctor as last time. Again she asked me what I think I have, and what I was expecting from her (emm…I came cos I have no idea what I have, and am expecting a diagnosis if there is anything to diagnose…). She said I have a virus, and the reason I felt bad, then better, than bad again, was porbably as I was fine, but got reinfected, which is normal she said. Oh well, I also have a throat infection, so was prescribed some antibiotics.

Back at the office, first up was off to meet my supervisor to discuss some equipment and other stuff. That went pretty OK I think – nothing earth-shattering from my contribution at all, but I am still alive from it :). Then off to the office.

Hmm…what to do? I must say this wasn’t the best day at the office – I felt sick, and no idea where I should start and what I should be doing. I felt at quite a loss. Tried to get through some minor details, but I feel the need to really make a move on the project now. I feel like I am stuck in a rut, and don’t know how to get out…I need help to get out and to get some direction, but I am not sure where to get it. Oh well…let’s hope it gets better.

I was planning to stay at university till six, but around 4:30-4:45 I started realising I was just wasting time, so packed my bags and went off to the residence. On the way home I went to get the antibiotics the doctor prescribed – here they have a system where you drop off your prescription paper, and they tell you: Ok, come back in 5-10 minutes. They then take an awfully long time tog et you what you need, for some reason, after which time they give you your prescription, in a bag, with stickers of your name, how to take the pills, and other information, stuck all over them. Oh well – I have them now 🙂 Also, all pills here cost the same: £7.10, regardless of what you’re taking! Unlike in Malta, where you could get a packet for £5 or a packet for God knows how much!

Into the residence, and got my dinner. I have some funny pills it seems, of which I need to take 2 every 4 hours, and must be taken on an empty stomach, so 1 hour before eating, or 2 hours after eating. This means I need to be very careful with my eating times, to make sure they don’t coincide with any of these it seems i.e. I can only eat 1 hr in every four. We’ll see how that goes!

Into my room at last. After a while MCA got online and we had a short skype call…MMM…It was great being in Denmark and good to remember. Now he is sick as well – it seems like I gave it to him in the last moments…Sorry – Get well soon!



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