Posted by: annmucc | January 7, 2009

200 Questions…

So, I see I am not going to reach 200 in any way. So far I received 29 questions, so these are the answers to the ones I received. Thanks for who set the questions, and I hope these will help enlighten you more about what goes on in this tiny brain of mine 🙂

1. What is the one quality about MCA which you love the most?
That he is patient and always ready to listen to my point of view and consider it. Also his being very supportive wherever I need it.

2. Where do you prefer…Malta…London…Denmark…Why?
All 3 for different reasons: Malta because it is home, the culture, the people…leaving it makes me realise how much we don’t appreciate what we have, from public transport to customer service (both of which I think are much worse in most places in London!); London for the opportunities it offers in terms of education and work; Denmark for the nature, and their concept of hyggelig, which they try to incorporate into everything.

3. Which food do you prefer…Maltese, English or Danish?
Maltese or Danish, probably Maltese, but certainly not English!

4. What is your favourite Danish dish?
Hmm…that’s a tough one. Probably Frikadeller or Hakkebof (the beef burgers), or if I can choose a sandwich a salami, remoulade and fried onion topping on rugbrod…mmm!

5. What is your least favourite Danish dish?
I would choose some of the toppings they offer here: pickled herring, and surrib, a disgusting salted prok with a lot of fat, and presented in congealed fat…BLEHHH!

6. Have you made Magnus cry yet?…about what if yes and why not if no?
Not yet, probably cos he is a bit too old for that, and also I am not around him enough (A)…but I haven’t seen him cry as yet.

7. What is your favourite Danish Christmas custom?
Probably the dancing around the Christmas tree, and the way the gift giving is done, with everyone picking up a gift from underneath the Christmas tree and giving it to the recipient – like this everyone is involved, even if you don’t receive all that many gifts!

8. Which is the nicer Christmas in Malta or Denmark?
Malta 😀 I don’t think I would exchange the midnight mass and its atmosphere with the mass I attended to here, as well as the Christmas decorations like the cribs etc, visiting cribs, the Christmas procession and the other religious connotations of a Maltese wedding. It really makes you realise that Christmas has arrived.

9. What about New year? Denmark or Malta?
For this one I have to say Denmark! New Year in Malta to me seems to mean getting drunk and not much else, while in Denmark it seems to signify more being with friends for a nice dinner, watching the queen’s speech and the ‘Dinner for one’ sketch on tv.

10. What do you consider as being your best achievement in life so far?
Hmm – that’s a tough one! Maybe that I managed to get to where I am, with all the positives and negatives of that.

11. What 3 adjectives would you use to describe yourself?
In general, I would say: positive, hard-working, and excited about life (even though these don’t seem to apply right now :P)

12. Why are you blogging?
I started blogging when I was back in Malta and started realising that I may be leaving the island, to start up a way via which I could communicate with my friends and family back home, and to share my experiences with whoever is interested. Also, it is a way of keeping a record of what I have been doing, which I am sure I will look back on when I am older (if it is still around!)

13. Why the name Annuca?
When I started writing the blog, I didn’t want people around me to know about it, until I was sure I could keep it up. So I veered away from my normal annmucc, and chose Annuca, which is a nickname I collected from softball, and I find quite cute 🙂

14. Why did you start playing softball?
Hmm – that is called exam depression! I was in the middle of studying for my A’ levels when I went to the webpage and found an advert for women who want to start softball. When we played it in school I always enjoyed it, so in true crazy fashion, I just asked my sister if she was interested as well, and e-mailed the people. The next day was my Biology A’ level exam. When I returned from Paper A in the morning, I found an email from Ryan, the softball coach, and we relayed back a couple of e-mails in that time (when I should have been studying!). He suggested Saturday as the first training sessions, but we had the Systems of Knowledge Exam, so we went to the one on Sunday, smack bang in the middle of exams! But anyways – I passed 😛

15. What is your favourite animal?
Never thought of having a favourite animal, but maybe a rabbit, because it is so cute, and because of my surname, especially if it is one which is cuddly!

16. What is your favourite colour?
Hmm, before I used to say blue, but now most of my clothes are in shades of purple (none of them were bought by me, but for some reason everyone gives me purple clothes, which is good as they match – and I like them!

17. What is your favourite number?
I would say 9, because that is the number I played softball with, but no real preference really.

18. What is the worst food you’ve tried?
That’s a tough one…maybe the surrib from Denmark? BLEHH!

19. What is the best food you have tried?
Another tough one…but maybe I would go for the food we had last year on Fano, an island in Denmark, where MCAs parents took us out eating during my trip there last year, or the food at Ta’ Frenc, in Gozo, where MCA and I went when we visited Gozo together last year. But I also LOVE my aunt’s pudina! MMMM, and ravjoli!

20. What is important to you?
To feel that I am being challenged in what I am doing, and to feel loved by those around me. I would like to be known as a hard-working and dependable worker by those around me, and maybe not necessarily the top star in everything I do.
In the case of less abstract things, I would say Michael, and my family and friends back home – being away, especially after returning in the beginning of December, I starting realising how much they mean to me, and that maybe they appreciate me more and are willing to make an effort for me more than I thought they do 🙂 – thanks guys!

21. What makes you different?
That I’m me and not someone else 🙂

22. What is your favorite book at the present time?
Ironfire – David Ball: Set during the times of the Knights in Malta. MCA had bought the book, and lent it to me, and I must say I really liked it.

23. Who is your favourite actor/actress?
Don’t have one I think, but maybe Anne Hathaway? or Julie Andrews.

24. Is there a (Maltese) politician you admire.
No one in particular – I don’t really follow politics all that well that I know what everyone is doing, although I tend to have some kind of grasp of what is going on. If I had to chose however, maybe right now I would say Joseph Muscat, just for the simple reason that he is trying to change things and Austin Gatt for bullheading his way through making some changes (if they are for the good or for the worse, I will not comment as I don’t have much of an opinion, though I don’t agree with everything certainly, but change is needed every so often everywhere)

25. Who is your best friend?
Can I mention more than one name? I have different people in different circumstances, who I know I can turn to.

26. If you have a chance, which part of your character you would like to change?
The hit and miss attitude to making many decisions, my worrying (which MCA is always keen to point out, though I had never realised about it before) and maybe my feeling of needing to be in control of most things.

27. If you were president of AnnLand what would that country be like?
Houses like the Danish ones I’ve seen and loved, greenery and nature, with snow every so often (but which is not disruptive :P), and a lot  of castles, ruins and cultural and historical places to visit, and of course enough money to sustain all these places, as well as to carry out the needed (and maybe not so needed :P) research. Ahh! And also the cultural traditions of Malta :). Hmm – maybe it wouldn’t up to me to decided what the physical nature of the country would present, but oh well, I can always dream.

28. If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?
Uhhh! that’s tough. Off the bat I would say Rome and Florence – everyone who knows me knows how long I have been saying I want to go to Rome and see all the famous places there, and Florence is not a far second in that. I also know I need to conquer my slight fear of the vastness of the US, so maybe a road-trip there. And a lot of other places, including the other Scandinavian countries and the Baltic States…I know, I know – not very exotic, but do I have to be? Once I’ve conquered those, I can then start thinking bigger…Maybe a conference I can attend in any of these places will come up? Maybe I should suggest that to my supervisor 😛

29. Are you smiling?
Yeah 🙂 I was frowning a while back, trying to think of answers for these questions, but thinking about telling my supervisor I will only go to conferences in these countries, cos those are the ones I want to visit, put a smile on my face 🙂



  1. YEAHH!!! she answered

  2. great!
    must say I read them all…
    molto interesante!

  3. @ Cec: Yes, I did 🙂
    @ Mina: Glad you found them interesting, but should I be scared? pleasantly interested, or shocked interested? Which one was it?

  4. Thanks for your answers 😀

  5. stalker interested
    muhahahaha evryone knows I liek to collect useless information about anybody so i can retaliate and use it later!
    just kidding
    it was cool knowing what you think about blogs and also the counry comparison
    also u have a lot of purple clothes cause purple is currently very in fashion my dear 🙂

  6. @ Mina: Hehe – not much you can retaliate about I guess.
    And yes, I have a lot of purple clothes JUST because it is in fashion 😛 (nothing said that I have had them for some years 😛 – I just knew the fashion before :P)

  7. […] and decided to post my answers here, in view of the fact that I didn’t reach my 200 questions before This is another 60, making up to 89 I believe ahh – and +12 when i was tagged by Mina so 101 […]

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