Posted by: annmucc | January 8, 2009


Hmm…WHAT did I do today?

Not much of interest I guess. Since this was the first day I didn’t have meetings at university, I decided to stay home and work from here to try and rest a bit to try and get better. I did get some work done though, and quite happy with where I arrived in what I was doing, though not in the time I worked (I try to work 8hrs a day, but didn’t quite manage that).

Anyways, the rest seems to have worked a bit, and feel just a teeny weeny bit better 🙂

Hopefully, the weekend will see me rested enough and fighting fit…I am still on my way there as yet, and it could also be that I feel better because of the pills I am taking…i.e. 2 antibiotic tablets + 1 painkiller (though I think I should be taking two, but anyways) every 4 hrs…I am starting to feel a bit like a drug addict!


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