Posted by: annmucc | January 10, 2009


Just returned home from a visit to the local library to exchange books, and to the local Tesco to buy some bread and cheese.

The atmosphere on the roads? Slightly tense.

In what sense? Well, there policemen all around, the road further up was blocked, and there were police vans parked all over.

But why? Well, the Israeli embassy is very close to where I live, just across Kensington High Street, and into sidestreets on both sides. As you can imagine, there are protests going on about the Middle East. The area outside the embassy, from where I catch the bus every single day has been barricaded since I arrived here, with policemen standing there 24/7 I think (haven’t gone out at night to check :P). Also, every evening, as I am returning home, there were protesters behind barricades on the opposite the entrance to the side street to the Israeli Embassy, shouting slogans and holding banners.

So why the increase in police presence today? Well, today there is a rally from Hyde Park to in front of the Israeli embassy, hence the much increased police presence today, since prior there were only maybe up to a 100 people, but I guess today there will be much much more.

Why didn’t I attend any of the pro- or anti-Israel/Palestine protests? Well, I don’t feel informed enough about what is going on there, partly because I was not reading any news when it started, and also as I don’t feel I have a good enough grasp of why what is happening is happening. I believe that both sides have a bit of the blame, but wouldn’t know who has the greater one. I am reading more about it, but don’t think I should make a decision.


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