Posted by: annmucc | January 16, 2009

My Eyes

My eyes are small, and normally hidden behing glasses…brown in colour…

But that’s not the point of this post!

This post was meant to be an Ode to my Eyes. Why? Cos I have worked them so much today – they have spent most of the days staring at a computer screen comparing texts and images and understanding what I have been writing. Now? They are dead! They just need to rest right now from all the work they did today (and to be ready for another day of work tomorrow…yes!…they (and I!) don’t always get weekends off…if work needs to be done and finished, it needs to be done!).

So think of my eyes tonight, and wish them well 🙂


Eyes - All Sorts

Eyes - All Sorts


  1. qed tippretendi li ghandek blue eyes jew? :p

  2. @ Marilyn: Not at all – I said I had brown eyes in the first line 😛

  3. happy rest eyes!!!!!!

  4. U wish ajnejk bhal tal istampa 😛

  5. @ Mina: They are slightly more rested – but need sooo much more!

    @ Cec: I DIDN’T say those were my eyes did I?

  6. mikkina ha noqodu naqbdu maghha 🙂 nafu li ma inplikajtx li dawk ghajnejk :p imma ahna qedin saw u rridu naqbdu mieghek 😀 xx

  7. @ Marilyn: Echoing Elaine in sixth form – Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, think I’ll go and eat worms 😦

  8. cute eyes

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